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The local church matters. This series will equip you to love your church family in the areas of belonging, welcoming, gathering, caring, serving, honoring one another, witnessing, and mission. It expands on the concepts in Tony Merida’s book, Love Your Church.

Written by a collection of Bible teachers, these thoughtful and practical books will help you to have fruitful discussions on how you can better love and serve your church family. These books are perfect for small group, and many of them have free, downloadable small group kits.


Send by Jim Essian

Available October 2024. What would change if you saw where you live, what you do, and who you are as part of God’s great plan to build his church? 

This book will show you that wherever and whoever you are, you are sent. Discover how to play your part in God’s plan of redemption—whether by praying, giving, or going. And get excited about building a kingdom that is constantly expanding, scattering, and sending for the sake of the lost.

Discussion questions will be available to download and are included in the book.


Honor by Adam Ramsey

A right understanding of honor is vital to healthy churches. It’s a word that’s mentioned hundreds of times throughout the Bible. But what does honor really look like for us in everyday church life? Who should we honor, and how?

In this book, Adam Ramsey brings a fresh understanding of true honor in our churches. He paints a vision of an honoring church that captivates your mind and heart—a church that shines brightly in the community because of the way its members value and respect each other and their leaders and, above all else, bring honor to God.

Discussion questions are available to download and are included in the book.


Serve by Steve Robinson

This book looks at the gospel of Jesus and the example of Jesus to motivate us to serve our church family sacrificially with our energy, time, and gifts.

This is a great book for Christians who have grown weary over time, those who need help in identifying their gifts and gaining the confidence to offer them, and church members who are lacking the motivation to get started.


Belong by Barnabas Piper

This book explores how you can help to create a church where everybody feels at home: a place where fellow believers build genuine, honest, meaningful Christian relationships and enjoy deep fellowship as a community of believers.

Whatever your experience of church has been, this book will help you to see that belonging to a church is a good gift from God, the outworking of our identity as brothers and sisters in Christ, and worth your time, love, and commitment.


Gather by Tony Merida

In-person Sunday gatherings are central to God’s plans and to our faith and joy. In Gather, Tony Merida reminds believers of their privileges as citizens of heaven, members of God’s family, and stones in God’s temple. Read this book to renew your understanding and enjoyment of going to church and to be excited by the ways in which your presence can encourage others.


Welcome by Jen Oshman

This warm, practical book by Jen Oshman explores what the Bible says to help readers discover how to make space for others, however different they are to them, in their church and in their lives. She also gives practical advice, drawing on good practice from churches around the world in a range of situations.

In a world of division, individualism, and isolation, readers will see that their church can witness to Christ by being a place of welcome, community, and connection.


Love Your Church by Tony Merida

This timely and engaging book by Tony Merida explores what church is, why being part of it is exciting, and why it’s worthy of our love and commitment. He sets out eight privileges and responsibilities of a church member: to belong, to welcome, to gather, to care, to serve, to honor, to witness and to send.

Whether you're new to your local church or have been attending for some time, this book will re-energize you with God’s vision for the local church.