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To dig deeper with readers of her new book, author Melissa Zaldivar will be hosting a special, book club style season of her podcast, Cheer Her On. When you preorder the book and complete the form, you will receive early access to a complimentary copy of the ebook and a link to the free study guide.
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About the Book

Author Melissa Zaldivar talks honestly about losing everything that once defined her and how God used unexpected opportunities, like working at Orchard House, where Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women, to spark a journey of working through her grief and encountering the all-sufficient love of Christ.Weaving inspiring passages of Scripture and insights from the Alcott family's story into her personal story, Melissa encourages readers with her discovery that it’s when we have nothing left to offer that we can receive God’s love the most. And that’s something that can never be lost.