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The Good Book Reviewer Program Application

Hello! We're delighted you would like to join our reviewer team. Here's how the program works:

  • We'll send you an email every month or two, linking to a page where you can select from a list of upcoming releases to review. It's entirely up to you whether you request a review copy or not.
  • If you request review copies, we ask that you leave an honest review on Amazon within two months of receiving the book.
  • When you have reviewed the book(s) you selected, we ask that you tag us in related social media posts. Please send us links to any related blog posts or commercial reviews, such as reviews on Amazon.
Please fill out the simple application below to help us determine if you are a fit for the team at this time. We will respond to you via email within a week's time.

Reviewer Application Form

About you

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About your reviews

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Terms and Policies:
Members of The Good Book Reviewer Program agree to review the books they request free copies of within two months of receiving them. All reviews are to be entirely honest. Whenever possible, reviewers are to send links of their reviews to The Good Book Company as well as tag The Good Book Company in reviews on social media. If a reviewer is requesting books and not reviewing them, The Good Book Company reserves the right to remove them from the program. Members are always welcome to reach out to publicity@thegoodbook.co.uk with questions.