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Books about Jesus That Children Love!

Every book in this series features beautiful illustrations and engaging story-telling that captures young imaginations but always remains faithful and true to the biblical text. Which means that adults will love these books as much as the kids they are reading to!

Choose from board books, perfect for toddlers, or storybooks for children 3-6 which go deeper in to the richness of each story. There are also activity books which are great for inspiring creativity as well as FREE lesson plans and crafts for a selection of books in the series which help adults teach the story to children, either in a family or church group.

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Bible book

1 Kings (2)
Daniel (4)
Mark (2)
Luke (1)
John (1)
Acts (4)
James (1)


Danish (1)
Dutch (2)
English (75)
French (4)
German (1)
Greek, Modern (1453-) (2)
Italian (1)
Korean (7)
Spanish (7)
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