In a world of constant change, one thing remains stable

Rachel Jones | July 12th 2021

A lot has changed in the last few decades. A lot has changed in the last few months! 

Some change is gradual. For instance, digital music sales are now far higher than physical music sales. Many new cars and computers have no way to play a CD. Yet a decade ago, CDs were still common merchandise in stores.

Other times, our world is turned on its head in a moment. Most of us can remember the first day of the pandemic, when mask-making tutorials blew up the internet as we scrambled to help. Wearing a mask in public was perceived as selfish because healthcare workers needed them more. Just weeks later, most public places began requiring masking for everyone. The up-and-down, back-and-forth Covid regulations since then have also sparked many hastily changed attitudes and plans.

Sometimes, change bewilders us. To begin with it was hard remembering a mask every time we set foot outside our front doors. Now it is second nature. But, if we’re honest, many of us fear what’s changing next and how we’ll adapt. 

That’s why it’s as vital as ever that we remember and celebrate this simple truth: the word of God does not change. It is always true, always good, always relevant to our lives. What a comfort that is!

"God’s word is always for everybody: every age, every nation, everyone."

1. The word of God is always true.

As our culture’s values continue to shift—and as yesterday’s heroes become today’s villains—we can rejoice that God’s word is always true. It tells us how it really is, and why it really is. It shows us right and wrong, good and evil, wisdom and folly. “In your light we see light” (Psalm 36:9). Sometimes that’s painful; but always that’s what we need. When it comes to the fundamentals, we’re not left groping around for a way forward, hoping that whatever solution we’ve come up with will work. No, God, in his grace, has revealed himself to us. Our Lord Jesus is the way and the truth and the life (John 14:6), and will never cease to be so. 

2. The word of God is always good.

God doesn’t tell us what is true in the manner of an instruction manual, which would do the job if only we could persevere through our impatience and boredom to get to the end of it. Instead, God’s words are good: “More precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the honeycomb” (Psalm 19:10). Through laugh-out-loud narratives, soul-stirring songs, breathtaking visions and everything in between, God blesses us abundantly as we read his word. 

3. The word of God is always relevant 

God’s word is always for everybody: every age, every nation, everyone. Imagine a believer living on another continent in a distant century in the past. Imagine all the things that would be different about you: your language, your work, your clothes, your home, your hopes, your expectations, the way you see your world and your place in it. And then consider how extraordinary it is that God wrote a book with the power to speak to both of you. To both of you it is a sword that convicts your motives; a mirror that reflects your heart; a light that guides your way. And that’s true of our brothers and sisters today, and for the future generations of tomorrow. Young and old, rich and poor, male and female—God’s word is his gift to us all.

That’s why for the last 30 years, The Good Book Company has produced books and resources that point to the Bible (“the Good Book”). That’s why we make sure that our books apply the Bible’s teaching, so that they are useful in everyday life and ministry. That’s why we make sure that everything we publish is easy to read without compromising on depth or rigour. 

Whether children, teens or adults, whether believers or not-yet believers, whether you want to deepen faith or are just hanging on by your fingertips, we want to encourage you to open up the Bible and hear God speak. 

So, to commemorate 30 years of doing just that, we are offering 30% off a selection of books that will help you open up the Bible.

Open up the Bible and hear God speak.

Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones is the author of A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, really), Is This It?, and several books in the award-winning Five Things to Pray series, and serves as Vice President (Editorial) at The Good Book Company. She helps teach kids and serves on the mission core team at her church, King's Church Chessington, in Surrey, UK.