12 Quotes to Meditate on This Lent Season

Avery Powers | February 16th 2023

We are one week away from the start of Lent! As we begin to direct our focus on the days leading up to Christ’s death and resurrection, it can be helpful to reflect on the words of other believers. To help, we’ve put together 10 quotes about our Savior and what his death and resurrection mean for us, even today. 

Truly, Truly, I Say to You

"Jesus does not say that he merely can resurrect people and can give them life; resurrection and life is something that he is. For every other person in the history of the world, life is something that they have because it has been given to them. For Jesus, life is what he is. Jesus is saying to Martha that the last-day resurrection is not only a future event. It is someone here and now."

"But on the third day, at the appointed time, Jesus showed up and rose up with resurrection power! In that glorious moment, Jesus fulfilled his promises, validated his identity, reversed the curse of sin, and announced death’s funeral."

Rich Wounds

"No wonder that the angels declared, “Glory to God!” in announcing his birth (Luke 2:14). As Jesus began to teach and minister publicly, the reported effect, again and again, was not that the people praised him, but that they glorified God."

"God made music for this. He gave us voices to sing this truth. Pitch and cadence, rhythm and rhyme, melody and harmony—he wired the world, and created humanity, to break into song together over the one victory that is almost too good for words: Jesus is alive."

"That Jesus died means he has demonstrated climactically in history his love for his church."

"That Jesus lives means that our best days are not behind us but ahead; that our great hope is not some mere hero of the past but the living Lord of the universe; that our faith is not dead but unites us to an active Savior, Treasure, and Friend. It is an infinitely precious thing to say not just that Jesus died, but that he lives."

"You need to have Jesus move your heart so that it burns with the thrill of realising that you have a crucified Saviour who has risen from the dead and who is with you. Because you surely do, and he surely has, and he surely is."

To Seek and to Save

"Some days we will feel the struggle keenly. But even on those days we can look up to see the resurrected Jesus, the promise of our coming victory. For one day Jesus will return, and his victory in our lives will be complete."

An Ocean of Grace

"So sin still can influence us, Satan can still accuse us; guilt can still assault us, and fear can still besiege us. But it is also true that Jesus has atoned for our sin, defeated our enemy, cleansed our guilt and assuaged our fears."

“God delights to show mercy towards repentant hearts that come to him in the name of Jesus. Indeed, those who acknowledge they are sinners are exactly the sort of people Jesus came to save.”

“There are a thousand ways we experience God’s love every day. Each breath you breathe is his gift to you. But, as the Puritan Isaac Ambrose reminds us, God’s love shines brightest at the cross”

The Easter Fix

"Jesus didn't come just to fix a few things. He gave his life to fix the thing that makes everything broken... our broken friendship with God."

For more reflections on the life, death, and resurrection of Christ in the countdown to Easter, check out our devotionals for Lent.

Avery Powers

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