How Your Christmas Day will Probably Go (Told Through Mary Poppins Gifs)

Joe Henegan | December 24th 2018

At a frightfully early hour, your bedroom door flings open, the main lights are smacked on and exciteable children jump on your bed and scream in your face.

After everyone has been suitably sedated by a round of present-opening (and frustrated by The Great Annual Batteries Hunt), you put on your best socks and frocks and dash to church. 

The service is practically perfect in every way… until every single kid in town takes a turn to show off their favourite gift and all you can think about is getting back in time to baste the turkey...

...and you can’t quite remember if you put the hors d'oeuvres away or left them on the side for the dog to enjoy.

Time to rush home!

Your entire extended family arrive...

Everyone interferes in the kitchen. "It needs more stuffing!" "It needs less stuffing!" "Do I really need to peel this many potatoes?" (Clue: yes!)

More presents emerge...

The Christmas lunch, the smell of which has been making your tummy sing 12 days of Christmas for the past four hours, is finally served at 4pm!

Every conceivable chair-like-thing is used to squeeze everyone around the specially--extended table. You’re sat on the piano stool again.

Everyone efficiently devours the best meal of the year. Your uncle tells the same rude joke he always does.

Wait… who’s eaten all the pigs in blankets?!

And here comes the Christmas pudding!!

Everyone lethargically gathers themselves together to go for a walk, forgetting that it’s late December.

You return to a mountain of dirty dishes the size of Everest. Auntie Gladdis joyfully volunteers again. God bless her!

You play charades and there’s always someone that's got everyone like...

You collapse in front of the TV. Some hero with a renewed motivation rustles up a selection of cheese and cold meats, and you wonder if you really have the space for another sausage… oooh chocolates!

You motion to get a round of hot drinks but suddenly notice that you are in fact surrounded by piles of sleeping bodies and it's only 7pm!

And that’s it for another year…

In the midst of the gift-buying, make-everybody-happy, food-gorging craziness that is Christmas, we pray that you experience joy and peace all year round, and into eternity! On behalf of everyone at The Good Book Company, we wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Joe Henegan

Joe is our Vice President of Marketing. He lives in South London, UK with his wife and two daughters and is a member at River Church Sutton - part of the Newfrontiers network - where he runs a small group and various outreach activities.

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