10 Things To Make Lent Exciting For Your Kids

Ed Drew | February 28th 2019

Lent is struggling a little. It’s not really coping with our changing times. It’s slipped out of our cultural consciousness. Conversely, Lent’s little brother Advent seems to be doing jolly well.

It’s not straightforward for our children to get their heads around Lent. Traditionally it is the 40 days before Easter (not including Sundays—because it’s not complicated enough?), remembering the 40 days Jesus spent in wilderness at the start of his ministry, not just before his death. But its purpose is clear—to prepare for Easter. And for that it is worth getting our children involved.

The Wonder of Easter

The Wonder of Easter

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Show your kids the bigger picture at Easter

If Easter is only chocolate eggs, poorly-decorated straw hats and daffodils then we are short changing our children. Easter makes it possible for them to be made right with their creator. Easter brings them into their king’s family, giving them the greatest big brother and the best father they could ever imagine. Easter gives certain hope of forever joy beyond the dark shadow of death. Easter is so good that 40 days of preparation barely feels enough. So this year, how can we shake up Lent a little to make Easter into the Big Event that it deserves to be?

Here are ten ways to shake up your Lent with your family. I was going to make 2 suggestions, but this list feels plenty long enough to get your started in creating the best Easter memories ever.

  1. Show a child a photo or a short video clip. Can they describe it exactly to someone else? That is what Luke did when he tells us what happened that first Easter (Luke 1:1-4)

  2. Go to Google Earth to look at Jerusalem as it is today. Search for the Garden of Gethsemane (the one in Jerusalem not Arizona) and the garden tomb.

  3. Carry a water container on your head in honour of the bloke who took the disciples to the upper room for the Last Supper (Luke 22: 10)

  4. Make pitta bread with your children (Search ‘Pitta bread recipe kids’) to taste the unleavened bread Jesus broke during the Last Supper (Luke 22:19)

  5. Eat a meal just as Jesus ate his Last Supper by lying on your side on cushions on the floor at a low table (Luke 22:14)

  6. Sit and pray together as a family thanking Jesus for facing the cross for us.

  7. Visit a Roman museum or do some research to find out what Roman soldiers looked like. How did they treat prisoners?

  8. Write a list of some of the common ways that each of you sin against God. Nail this list to a piece of wood and read Colossians 2:14 together.

  9. Have any of you got any scars on your bodies? Do you remember how you got them? Can others see them and touch them? This is one of the ways Jesus proved it really was him (Luke 24:39)

  10. How high can you launch an object into the sky? You could use a catapult, a toy rocket or just a strong arm. The disciples watched as Jesus rose up into Heaven. They celebrated and sang because they knew that he was going to Heaven to rule over them forever. (Luke 24: 50-53)

Easter is so good that 40 days of preparation barely feels enough

There are others ways of making the most of Lent. Come Pancake Day what will you do? One of my favourites is how the women of Olney in Buckinghamshire go about it. They have been holding an annual race with their frying pans and pancakes since 1445. It gets even better. Since 1950, they have competed against the women of Liberal, Kansas USA for the fastest over the distance. Liberal is currently winning 36-26. Do you think the women of Liberal run as fast as Peter did to the empty tomb?

Of course, nothing compares to opening the Bible together as a family and walking through the first Easter together, day by day to see the most important moments in all human history through the eyes of Dr Luke’s eye witnesses. If you agree, then pick up ‘The Wonder of Easter’ to be your guide, in 10 minute chunks. Shake up Lent this year in the best way possible.

The Wonder of Easter is a flexible, easy-to-use Lent devotional which allows both adults and children to celebrate the limitless wonder of Easter. Walk through Luke’s Gospel and the Old Testament to discover why the story of Jesus' death and resurrection is the most amazing story ever told. It's available to buy here

Ed Drew

Ed Drew is the Director of Faith in Kids, resourcing children's ministry in the local church. Before that for twelve years he was the Children’s Worker at Dundonald Church, South West London. He’s married to Mary and they have three children. Previously Ed was an Engineer and he is still happiest building and fixing things.

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