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The Good Book Company | June 11th 2015

Jurassic World is out in cinemas today! To celebrate the long-awaited film, we've come up with a new info-graphic: From fossils to films: How do dinosaurs fit with the Bible?

Bible-believing Christians hold a whole range of views on this topic—but lots of us are simply bewildered. So let this info-graphic be your guide to the four main streams of thought on how dinosaurs square with the Bible's creation account.

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9:54 AM EDT on June 11th
You may want to adjust the evolutionary line as its Chimpanzees and not apes that humans evolved from.


10:18 AM EDT on June 11th
I'd like to know more about the biblical basis used for this diagram? I've read a similar overview of these views in Genisis:Salvation Begins but the reference to Job 40-41 has me stumped.

The Good Book Company

10:27 AM EDT on June 11th
Hi Michael,

Thanks for the comment. Chimpanzees are one of several species belonging to the ape family (as are gorillas, gibbons etc). We decided to use the broader family label in the same way you might describe a lion is a 'big cat'.

Warm regards,


The Good Book Company

11:00 AM EDT on June 11th
Hi Neil,

Thanks for the comment.

Young Earth Creationism views the descriptions of Behemoth and Leviathan in Job 40-41 as evidence of dinosaurs and humans co-existing. God inviting Job to look at creatures in existence in his time as evidence of his power. It sees the description of Behemoth fitting very closely with some kind of sauropod ('its tail sways like a cedar') and Leviathan with some kind of marine Sauropsida.

Warm regards,


Thomas Seidler

11:25 AM EDT on June 11th
Hi Neil,

From chapter 38 to 40:14 God takes Job on a tour de force of his works in all creation to demonstrate his power. This then climaxes with a request for Job to 'look at' an awesome pair of animals: the Behemoth, 'first among the works of God' whose 'tail sways like a cedar', and the Leviathan, a formidably well armoured, fire-breathing amphibian (referenced in 4 other scriptures). Contextual reading would not lead one to think God, at this climax, switched into 'fantasy' mode - especially given such details as the Behemoth's location in the Jordan, and observed trail in the mud left by the Leviathan.

If the titanosaurs and the bombardier beetle had not been found, would we have doubted that these animals could have existed? Young Earth Creationist folk see that this passage indicates that dinosaurs co-existed with Job, sinking modern dating theories which place a minimum 65 million year gap between them and Man. Thus Job 40-41 is seen by them as an ULTRA relevant passage!! ;)

Many thanks, in Christ,



1:09 PM EDT on June 11th
Hi Andre, could you please explain the comment that the theories "accord(s) with science"? Much like claims that all religions are the same, the theories cannot all accord with the same science.


4:27 AM EDT on June 12th
Hi Mike,

Great question - with this infographic I felt it was important to represent the beliefs of the different groups as fairly and accurately as possible from a neutral perspective. So the labels describe how each individual group views Genesis 1 in relation to science.

It might have been clearer to put: 'views Genesis 1 as conccording with/not conccording with science' under the respective groups.

Hope that helps,



12:36 PM EDT on June 12th
This is pretty simplistic view of Theistic Evolution vs Old Earth vs New Earth Creationism. I don't see any compelling reason why they should be / need to be separated.

What about a God-directed, "creative" evolution, that accepts old earth timelines but acknowledges that the Bible picks up the story at about ~10k years ago? Clearly humanity is a separate creative thing that what was creatively evolved--God formed humanity, the other plants and animals were "brought forth from the earth". Regardless, in light of passages like Job 40, I don't see why the earth can't be old and dinosaurs coexist with humanity, etc.

Bottom-line, there is way more overlap in various theistic views of creation than this infographic represents and in my opinion it seems to draw lines of separation where there needn't be any.


6:36 PM EDT on June 12th
Great graphic! Just one question though regarding the evolutionist approach. Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that humans and apes evolved from the same common ancestor, not that humans evolved from apes? Other than this minor quibble, again, this is a great graphic.
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