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On the Podcast with Carolyn Lacey: Making Hospitality Simple (and Easy!)

Carolyn Lacey | April 16th 2021

Somewhere along the way many of us have become burdened by unrealistic expectations of what hospitality is and who can do it. It's not just the reserve of great cooks with big houses. Anyone can and should do it. 

Carolyn Lacey joins us on the podcast to help us rethink what hospitality actually is - which is to reflect God’s welcoming heart no matter what our circumstances look like. 

Carolyn Lacey

Carolyn Lacey is a writer, speaker and pastor’s wife. She serves alongside her husband, Richard, in Worcester, UK, where they live with their two teenage children. She teaches the Bible regularly at women's events and conferences, and loves looking for ways to apply God’s grace to the mundane moments of ordinary life.

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