Embracing Complementarianism (ebook)

Embracing Complementarianism ebook

Turning Biblical Convictions into Positive Church Culture

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A biblical vision for the roles of men and women in the church—and how to put them into practice.

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Available from Nov. 1, 2022
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It can be tempting to shy away from addressing the issue of gender roles in church because it’s often controversial. But this can result in churches either being increasingly influenced by secular culture or simply sticking with the status quo when it comes to what men and women do in church.

Building on the belief that complementarianism is both biblical and positive, this book focuses on what these convictions look like in practice. Moving beyond the familiar discussions around "gender roles," and leaving room for variety in how readers implement these ideas, it will encourage a church culture where men and women truly partner together—embracing their privileges and responsibilities, and maximizing their gifts, in joyful service of God’s kingdom.

With discussion questions at the end of each chapter, this book provides a great opportunity for church leadership teams to think intentionally about complementarianism and discuss how it manifests itself in their church context.

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  • 1. Complementarianism Today
  • 2. Men and Women Today
  • 3. How Are We Made?
  • 4. God's Call to Men and Women
  • 5. The Goodness of Men Leading in Ministry
  • 6. Understanding Ministry
  • 7. Understanding Church
  • 8. Coming in to Land
  • 9. Putting It into Practice
  • Appendices


Contributors Jane Tooher, Graham Beynon
ISBN 9781784987978
Format eBook
First published November 2022
Case quantity 50
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher The Good Book Company
Independent reviews

A wise and irenic work

Chase Kuhn, Moore Theological College, September 1st 2022

Is there a more contentious topic for church life than the matter of how men and women are to relate and partner in ministry? Conversations about this topic aren’t new, but they aren’t getting easier either. For this reason, I’m very glad for the rich resource of Embracing Complementarianism: Turning Biblical Convictions into Positive Church Culture.... continue reading

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(Review written for 'Embracing Complementarianism')

This was a very interesting book to read through. Obviously, given the current cultural issues surrounding men and women, this book will cause some division.

Beynon and Tooher structure the book with nine chapters and several appendices. These chapters dive into the role of men and women that God created and how they are applicable in today's modern church.

The appendices are as follows:

- Can Only Elders Preach?

- Common Grey Areas

- Women on Staff Teams

- Writing a Position Paper

There were questions and frustrations throughout every single chapter of this book. I wish there was more scripture and historical/cultural context provided throughout the book but unfortunately I felt that was lacking.

Each chapter concluded with a reflection questions section. This section provided several questions for the reader to ponder or discuss on either an individual basis or a group basis. These questions did help to dive a bit deeper.

I was hoping for a bit more from this book but was disappointed in the overall presentation of the position. Whether I agree with it or not, the supporting information was not as full as I would have expected or desired.

I received a copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.

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