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Mere Evangelism ebook

10 Insights From C.S. Lewis to Help You Share Your Faith

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Let C.S. Lewis inspire and equip you to share your faith.

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Evangelism is an extraordinary task; it’s what God uses to bring people from death to life. But it has always been difficult.

C.S. Lewis was used by God in the conversions of countless people, from friends and acquaintances in his own lifetime to modern-day readers of books such as The Chronicles of Narnia and Mere Christianity (the most influential Christian book of the 20th century). As Tim Keller comments, “C.S. Lewis was incredibly skilled at getting Christianity across in a way that’s powerful to thoughtful people." So, if we want help with evangelism, there is much we can learn from the clarity and imagination of this hugely influential Christian writer.

You may feel inadequate to the task; after all, there is only one C.S. Lewis. But evangelist Randy Newman skillfully helps us to apply the methods Lewis used (storytelling, humor, imagery, and more) in our own conversations.

You will be equipped to talk about your faith and engage with unbelievers wisely, whatever their attitude towards the Christian faith.

“This isn’t a book to increase membership in a C.S. Lewis fan club or prompt praise for him. It’s to strengthen our resolve to point lost people to the one who could deliver them from a realm where it’s 'always winter but never Christmas.' My prayer is that this book will help you say and do things that will make an eternal difference in many people’s lives.” From the introduction to Mere Evangelism by Randy Newman.

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  • Introduction
  • 1. The Necessity of Pre-evangelism
  • 2. The Appeal to Clues
  • 3. The Honoring of Objections
  • 4. The Stirring of Uneasiness
  • 5. The Centrality of the Gospel
  • 6. The Value of Imagery
  • 7. The Reality of Opposition
  • 8. The Power of Prayer
  • 9. The Timeliness of Pushback
  • 10. The Call to Respond
  • Conclusion: Stopping to Stare

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Author Randy Newman
ISBN 9781784986452
Format eBook
First published September 2021
Case quantity 50
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher The Good Book Company

Rico Tice

Senior Minister (Evangelism), All Souls Church, Langham Place, London

Reading Mere Evangelism was a bit like being given a code book by a genius to help me unlock the minds and hearts of my dear non-Christian friends! It really was thrilling to read such a surprising and joyous book that trains me for evangelism. If you don’t believe me, just read the first paragraph of Chapter 1. It made my day.

David Mathis

Executive Editor,

Randy doesn’t pretend evangelism is easy. In fact, he states the opposite. But even if he can’t make it magically easy, he does make it desirable and realistic. His blend of experience, clarity, and contagiousness make him compelling like few others on this topic. Randy’s writing will help break the spell the secular age is trying to cast on us to keep us quiet about Jesus. Perhaps this book is just what you need for the post-COVID world and its new evangelistic opportunities.

Brett McCracken

Senior Editor, The Gospel Coalition; Author, The Wisdom Pyramid: Feeding Your Soul in a Post-Truth World

One of the most helpful, concise, and inspiring books on evangelism I’ve read. Using C.S. Lewis’s winsome rhetoric and joy-based apologetics as a model, Newman offers a roadmap for effective evangelism in a secular age—one that engages the head and the heart to persuade skeptics that the gospel is too beautiful and too good not to be true.

Customer reviews


“Valuable insights and a Sensible approach”

(Review written for 'Mere Evangelism')

As a somewhat timid evangelist perplexed how to make relevant approaches to others on the subject of accepting Jesus, this book excites and inspires me with its sensible insights into ways of conducting one's broaching the matter with others, others who may have serious obstacles in their arguments for ignoring or even refuting the claim of Christ.


“Helpful aid in presenting the gospel to unbelievers”

(Review written for 'Mere Evangelism')

A new release from @thegoodbookcompanyusa, Randy Newman’s book, Mere Evangelism: 10 Insights from C. S. Lewis to Help You Share Your Faith, is a fresh approach to help believers winsomely engage others with the truth of Christianity. Newman, who now works at The C. S. Lewis Institute, was himself a Jewish convert to Christianity aided in his conversion by the writings of Lewis. As many people know, Lewis was a long-time skeptic of the claims of Christianity but eventually accepted Jesus into his life and defended Christianity in the public and academic spheres. What Newman has done in this book is to examine the methods Lewis used throughout his writings and radio broadcasts to bring people to understand the Christian faith in new ways. After looking at Lewis, Newman turns to Scripture for the biblical basis underlying each chapter’s insight. Although Lewis is a household name thanks to Narnia, many skeptics and people with questions don’t think to read Lewis these days. Newman’s book helps to renew Lewis’s relevancy to a new generation. •••

Newman writes, “This isn’t a book to increase membership in a C. S. Lewis fan club or prompt praise for him. It’s to strengthen our resolve to point lost people to the one who can deliver them from a realm where it’s ‘always winter but never Christmas.’ My prayer is that this book will help you say and do things that will make an eternal difference in many people’s lives.”


“You will LOVE this”

(Review written for 'Mere Evangelism')

I loved this book for many reasons. It's always good to learn how to be better at sharing the gospel with unbelievers, especially as the culture shifts in ways it can be hard to keep track of. It's clear that Randy Newman is passionate about evangelism and that he's something of an expert on CS Lewis. He takes lessons from Lewis and shows us how we can apply them in today's culture as we try to share Jesus with people. He keeps pointing us to Christ and to the gospel. He is training rookies and seasoned evangelists alike so anyone could read this and learn something new. And the book sparked my creativity and my imagination. It's inspiring and beautiful. It encouraged me to do more 'pre-evangelism' with my friends- and also to go away and read Mere Christianity! Honestly, this is truly a book worth reading.



(Review written for 'Mere Evangelism')

C.S. Lewis is a classic christian author who has impacted many believers over the years. Newman's new book, Mere Evangelism, is a spin off of C.S. Lewis' classic Mere Christianity. Newman created this book from researching C.S. Lewis' life of evangelism and summarizing all he learned into ten insights regarding the sharing of our faith today.

Newman structures the book with ten chapters, each corresponding with an insight he learned from C.S. Lewis' life.

- The Necessity of Pre-Evangelism

- The Appeal to Clues

- The Honoring of Objections

- The Stirring of Uneasiness

- The Centrality of the Gospel

- The Value of Imagery

- The Reality of Opposition

- The Power of Prayer

- The Timeliness of Pushback

- The Call to Respond

Newman essentially walks through Lewis' method of evangelism in each of these ten insights. You will learn a lot about Lewis' life and how he navigated the sharing of the gospel during his time. Newman takes these principles and applies to our current culture and time, providing practical advice on how we can all be evangelists, just as God has called us.

The chapter titles make it clear that Newman addresses not only the simplicity of evangelism but also the obstacles we will inevitably face in the midst of evangelizing. These chapters were encouraging, reminding us that God is bigger than those obstacles and we are to remain faithful.

Newman references many of C.S. Lewis' books but does it in a way that eliminates confusion if you have never read the books. Although if you haven't, you will most definitely want to read them after this book.

I received a copy of this book from The Good Book Co. in exchange for an honest review.

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