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Daniel: Staying strong in a hostile world (ebook)

Daniel: Staying strong in a hostile world ebook

7 studies for individuals or groups

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Seven studies in Daniel which will reassure, challenge and thrill Christians trying to live for God in a hostile word.

Part of the Good Book Guides series.

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How can we remain faithful to our God in a world that rejects him?
Is it even worth standing firm, when his kingdom often seems so very far away?
And is it possible to be a blessing to our nations, and show the power and goodness of God, in our day?

Those are pressing questions for us in a time when living as a Christian increasingly means being misunderstood, maligned and even mistreated. And since this is the context in which Daniel found himself, the book that bears his name will reassure, challenge and thrill us as we read it today.

In these seven studies you will see Daniel and his friends seek to remain faithful in a foreign land; and then you will watch and listen in on a series of visions Daniel received, outlining how God would bring his people home, to live in his kingdom and under his king.
Let the book of Daniel show you what you can expect from this life, and how you can and must stay strong in a hostile world.

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  • Introduction
    Why study Daniel?
    1. Daniel and the King's Dream (chs 1 – 2)
    2. Faithful in the Fire (3)
    3. Visions of Trees and Writing on a Wall (4 – 5)
    4. Surviving the Lions' Den (6)
    5. One Like a Son of Man (7)
    6. A Vision, a Prayer and an Angel (8 – 9)
    7. Till the End (10 – 12)
    Leader's Guide


Contributors David Helm
Format eBook
Case quantity 50
Language English
No. of studies 7
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews

Sept. 21, 2020

“Un libro que bendice”

Un libro que me lleva de la mano en la lectura del libro de
Daniel y me coloca en el contexto bíblico apropiado, permitiéndome tener una visión más amplia de la lectura. Es un libro que entusiasma, que lleva a meditar y a aplicar lo que he leído. Realmente es un libro que bendice.

‘Staying Strong in a hostile world’ takes me step by step to understand the book of Daniel, placing me back into the the correct biblical context and allowing me to have a wider view of what I’m reading. This is a book that fills me with joy, makes me meditate and urges me to go and do what I’ve read about. This book can bless everyone!

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Daniel: Staying strong in a hostile world (ebook) | David Helm |
$6.99 $4.19