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Edited by Martin Cole
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This edition of Engage helps 14-17 year-olds to understand Psalms, John, Genesis, Amos, Colossians, and Jonah.

Part of the Engage series.

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The first issue of Engage - daily Bible reading notes for 14-17 year olds. This issue looks at Psalms, John, Genesis, Amos, Colossians and Jonah!

It also examines questions like 'has Science disproved Christianity?', 'what's the bible anyway?' and contains articles on the Trinity and looking after the planet.

Engage exists to help you plug into your Bible. Through Engage's pages we want to plunge into God's awesome word: discovering who God is and what He's like; seeing what God's done for us through Jesus; and exploring practical ways of living for Him. The Bible is packed with amazing stories and life-changing teaching. It's time to dive into the Bible and see God change our lives...

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  • Daily Readings
    Psalms: Songs from the heart
    John: Signs of life
    Genesis: In the beginning
    Amos: God's the boss
    Colossians: Life to the max
    Jonah: Stormy waters

  • Articles
    Toolbox: What is the Bible anyway?
    Stuff: Looking after the planet
    Tricky: Has science disproved Christianty?
    Essential: The Trinity: An inconvenient truth?
    Real Lives: Student Katie Cole talks to Engage

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Age range: 13 - 18
Contributors Martin Cole
ISBN 9781909559431
Format eBook
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

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'There is a huge need for this resource!  Most daily reading material is of a more devotional nature where a passage is read and someone has written comments on what it means and how we live accordingly. But Engage actually engages young people in scripture and helps them explore and discover the meaning themselves.'
- Dave Wright, Coordinator for Youth Ministries, Diocese of South Carolina

What teenagers are saying about Engage...

'Engage made deep Biblical truths simple and easy to understand'
- Chris, 19

'Engage is short, sweet and straight to the point'
- Ceri, 14

'Engage encouraged me to read every verse, helping them to stick and sink in more. They're quick and to the point, allowing you to explore the core message.'
- Rupert, 16

'It makes you think and helped me with things I wasn't sure about.'
- Jessica, 15

'It shows how the Bible relates to you, making me want to read the Bible more.'
- Abigail, 14

Customer reviews


“A brilliant resource”

(Review written for 'Engage Annual Subscription')

I purchased this to use with my sons as something to work through together.

It has facilitated many interesting discussions. And I love the way it has us digging deeper into God's Word.


“Brilliant for teens”

(Review written for 'Engage: Issue 1')

We recommend this series to our 14-year olds at church, but it's good for any teenager, I would say. Very helpful studies, a gentle intro into daily quiet times, great variety. A brilliant resource.



(Review written for 'Engage: Issue 1')

Excellent service. Prompt and helpful. Would highly recommend.



(Review written for 'Engage: Issue 1')

Am really pleased with this series. I am not a teenager, far from it, but am finding these really helpful.



(Review written for 'Engage: Issue 1')

Great delivery, good price


“Great resource”

(Review written for 'Engage: Issue 1')

During lock down as a family (our boys are 12 & 11) have used this resource several times a week as a dinner table resource and, in the main, have enjoyed blessed times. My only, very small, criticism is that now and again (for a teenage resource) the question and answers are a little basic but overall would heartily recommended this devotional.



(Review written for 'Engage Annual Subscription')

My order arrived much quicker than I expected it to in the present circumstances and I couldn’t be happier with what I ordered.


“efficient and well run”

(Review written for 'Engage Annual Subscription')

Excellent service thank you



(Review written for 'Engage: Issue 1')

I read this every night with my 12 yr old daughter. I find she is interested and engaged and it is written in a way that is easy to understand. I am very happy with it.


“Great resource”

(Review written for 'Engage Annual Subscription')

Bought these for young people in church. They are proving very helpful for studying bible by themselves. Older members of the congregation are also enjoying them as they go book by book through the Bible. The only negative would be some font colors make reading difficult for older people eg peach font resembled white too closely. That’s only reason I’ve put a 4.

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