God's Very Colorful Creation (ebook)

God's Very Colorful Creation ebook

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Brings to life the Bible story of creation for young children.

Part of the Very Best Bible Stories series.

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In this faithful and fun account of Genesis 1, children 2-4 years old will discover how God made his very good and wonderful creation. Children will learn that God used every shade of the rainbow, and so many more!

It teaches children about colors and has bright, fun illustrations by Jennifer Davison.

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Age range: 2 - 4
Contributors Tim Thornborough, Jennifer Davison
ISBN 9781802540437
Format eBook
Case quantity 50
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews


“Appealing to young children”

(Review written for 'God's Very Colorful Creation')

Well-conceived idea to produce Bible-themed books that are appealing to young children. Mission accomplished!


“Lovely book about creation written for small children”

(Review written for 'God's Very Colourful Creation')

Great book for small children my grandson is 3 and he loves looking at the colourful pictures and naming all the animals that God made ! Great way to introduce your children to the wonders of God!


“I love it”

(Review written for 'God's Very Colorful Creation')

The story is very creatively. The colors are great. O just love it.


“Beautiful Story of God's Design”

(Review written for 'God's Very Colorful Creation')

These books are beautifully illustrated and share God's love story at a level my grandchildren can understand and remember! Absolutely beautiful and they love to read them with me! Thank you!


“Much appreciated gift”

(Review written for 'God's Very Colourful Creation')

This was such a colourful and well illustrated little book with the story explained carefully for little ones. The mothers of my two great granddaughters were both thrilled with the gift. Never to early to start ‘telling the story’.


“Love THESE! Must buy!”

(Review written for 'God's Very Colorful Creation')

I bought the whole book series and I love reading them to my children. I love the big bold words that keloids my son to repeat and learn words, I love the Bible stories. I found the book about Esther in my local cityCity library And when I find out there was more I just had to come on here and buy! Also knowing that I’m sprinting Kingdom work made me happy and they were very affordable! I also love that the characters have DARK rich colors and not white washed!! Can we get Amen for characters that truly look like they are supposed to being from Middle East and Africa! My children will be tight if the Lord and Great will be their PEACE!!



(Review written for 'God's Very Colorful Creation')

I actually bought the whole set of these books and I am incredibly impressed with them! These are well written, beautifully illustrated, and can be used in so many ways! I consider these an educational resource as well as a great way to teach to biblical principals. Love love love!


“Sweet presentation of Bible stories”

(Review written for 'God's Very Colorful Creation')

I used this for a summertime preschool story time. I used 8 books in the series. I purchased an 8 book bundle by this author. Each book has been fabulous. The children are engaged in the book because they are written so that the reader and the preschool audience can constantly be interacting and emphasizing the important parts of the story. This was a great purchase. 2 thumbs up.


“Lovely book that celebrates God's creation”

(Review written for 'God's Very Colorful Creation')

I would highly recommend this for a preschooler, especially. It has a beautiful cadence and does a great job stirring up colorful imagery and celebrating the diverse world that only God Himself could create. It would be 5-star worthy if there had been a specific mention of Adam and Eve, but we simply pause on that page, and say, "Who were the FIRST people that God made in His image?" With that little amendment, I say this is a great book to have in your library to encourage little belivers into a solid faith rooted in God as the creator of all that is good!


“Great - Biblical and Colourful”

(Review written for 'God's Very Colorful Creation')

I love how this book faithfully tells the story of creation from Genesis, and is accessible for little ones. The illustrations are bright and beautiful!

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