A Very Happy Easter

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Fresh retelling of the Easter story for preschoolers, with opportunities to join in with facial expressions!

Part of the Very Best Bible Stories series.

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Fresh retelling of the Easter story for young children, with opportunities to join in with facial expressions!

This book is a bit different from others.

In most books there is work for your eyes and ears. You look at the pictures, and listen to the words.

But in this book, there is work for your face too!

This fresh retelling of the Easter story focuses on the emotions of Jesus' friends and invites children to copy the expressions they are making.

As children aged 2-4 learn about how Jesus died and rose again, they will see that Jesus' friends felt fear, sadness, surprise and joy, and they will have the opportunity to think about how they would have felt.

This book is a great way to make story time interactive and explain Easter to young children in a way that connects emotionally and builds empathy.

A wonderful Easter gift for young children. Also perfect for mums and toddler groups and to give away at Easter services and other evangelistic events.

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  • A very happy Easter

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Age range: 2 - 4
Contributors Tim Thornborough, Jennifer Davison
ISBN 9781784983666
Format Paperback
First published January 2019
Dimensions 8.3" x 8.3" x 0.2"
Case quantity 120
Language English
Pages 24
Publisher The Good Book Company

Trillia J. Newbell

Author of Enjoy, Fear and Faith, and United.

How might you have felt as Jesus was taken away to the Cross or during the dark days during his death or after you discovered He had risen? I imagine a mixture of scared, sad, frightened, but ultimately surprised, joyful and happy when Jesus rose from the dead. In A Very Happy Easter, Tim Thornborough helps kids (and adults too!) experience those various emotions through Jesus' friends who were there with him. Ultimately, they rejoice and we can rejoice too! He is Risen, indeed!

Customer reviews



We read this book at our family service and we all enjoyed pulling the faces as we thought about how people were feeling during the Easter Story. Thank you for the downloaded illustrations as they helped everyone join in with the story too.



Bought this book to read at our annual Easter Jamboree we set up for the kids. They all loved the book


“Super idea”

A super idea to engage little ones with the Easter story. All the family can join in making the facial expressions. Lovely artwork too.


“Fabulous books and so easy for wee ones to understand”

My grandchildren absolutely love the books. They read them constantly and love the illustrations



An interesting little book depicting the Easter story allowing children to interact with the various “moods” of the characters

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A Very Happy Easter | Tim Thornborough, Jennifer Davison |
$4.99 $4.24