In His Hands

Prayers for Your Child or Baby in a Medical Crisis

Help when your child or unborn baby is seriously ill and you don’t know what to pray.

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When your child or unborn baby is facing serious medical problems, it can be hard to know what to pray. The shock, uncertainty, and fear can mean that even though you want to cry out to God in prayer, your words just dry up. 

That’s where this book can help, with prayers that use Scripture to help you communicate with the Lord. Whether you need to cry out honestly to the Lord in grief, to pray boldly for healing and help, or simply to process what is happening, you'll find words to help you talk with the God who loves you and weeps with you—the God who can do all things.

Authors Eric Schumacher and Jessika Sanders both know what it’s like to face a family medical crisis, and they are passionate about helping others in the most difficult situations. Eric is the author of Ours: Biblical Comfort for Men Grieving Miscarriage. He is on the Board of Directors for Walk With You, a bereavement counseling organization. Jessika is the founder and president of Praying Through Ministries, which provides support for parents whose children have been hospitalized and families who have experienced child loss.

This easy-to-navigate book includes prayers for a clear diagnosis; prayers for healing; prayers for comfort and relief from pain; prayers for peace, courage, perseverance, and wisdom to cope well; prayers for unity; for the extended family; for the medical team; for practical needs; for times of spiritual darkness and doubt; and much more. 

This book is designed to help both parents and the wider family turn to God for help when a child is facing a medical crisis. 

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  • Introduction

    Section 1: For Uncertain and Fearful Times

    Section 2: For Healing

    Section 3: For Our Child

    Section 4: For Our Family

    Section 5: For the Medical Team

    Section 6: For the Things We Need

    Section 7: For Times of Spiritual Darkness and Doubt

    Section 8: For Lifting Our Eyes in Praise

    Section 9: For Occasions

    Section 10: For Giving Thanks After Healing

    Section 11: For Loss

    Section 12: For Life After Loss


Contributors Jessika Sanders, Eric M. Schumacher, Emily Jensen, Brad Jensen
ISBN 9781784989781
Format Hardback
First published July 2024
Dimensions 5.3" x 7.5" x 0.5"
Weight 10.58 oz
Language English
Pages 208
Publisher The Good Book Company

Katie Faris

As a mother of multiple children with serious health conditions, there are times when I don’t know how or what to pray. Eric and Jessika’s heartfelt, Scripture-based prayers put words to thoughts and feelings that can be hard to express, while also helping parents like me to look to God and hope in him.

Kathryn Butler

Author, Between Life and Death

What a gift Schumacher and Sanders offer the hurting with In His Hands, a beautiful, poignant collection of prayers for those touched by child illness and loss. Nuanced with the wisdom of personal experience and saturated with Scripture, this book will offer a voice to the suffering when words fail, and point them to the one, true Word who has borne their sorrows and is acquainted with grief.

Sarah Walton

Author, Hope When It Hurts

When our child faces a medical crisis, fears can paralyze, emotions can disorient, and we often lack the words to express the whirlpool of thoughts and feelings within. I was deeply impacted by these beautifully real prayers, which in many ways speak into countless circumstances. When you lack the words to pray, open the pages of this book and you will find the words your heart longs to cry out to your Heavenly Father.

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In His Hands | Jessika Sanders, Eric M. Schumacher, Emily Jensen, Brad Jensen |
$19.99 $16.99