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This 12-session discipleship course, perfect for individuals or groups, looks at how the gospel and God's grace can shape our attitude towards church, Bible reading, prayer, suffering, how to use our money and many other aspects of life.

Includes plenty of material to engage mature Christians as well as new believers, and an emphasis on practical, real-life application to help people follow Jesus in every area of their lives.

Incorporating Bible study, clear explanations and thought-provoking discussion questions, these sessions can be completed in around an hour and are designed to be used flexibly in different contexts: individually, in small groups, a four-week church-wide course, or one-to-one.

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Randy Newman

I’m constantly on the lookout for good materials for discipleship. Tim Chester’s Life with Jesus is brilliant and should become a go-to for many who want to help believers (new and seasoned!) grow to maturity. I am particularly grateful that this book emphases the need for connecting to a church and dares to address current challenges like sex, suffering, money, and power.

Carolyn Lacey

This is the discipleship course I’ve been waiting for! Simple but well-written, with thought-provoking discussion questions and illustrations, this guide to life in Christ will encourage and equip new believers—and those who have followed Jesus for years—to live out a joyful, hopeful, purposeful life with him.

Steve McAlpine

A simple, winsome and helpful tool for discipling new Christians (and rediscipling older ones) in our modern world. It's a great blend of accessible biblical material, robust theology and clear questions that both comfort and confront. And it's written in an engaging style, with examples from everyday life that ring true. Life seems complex in the 21st century, but as Tim Chester shows, everything we need for discipleship—a life with Jesus in the modern world—is available to us in the gospel. I can think of any number of groups to use this with.

Jeff Purswell

Imagine a discipleship resource that chooses just the right topics; roots the reader in key biblical texts; contains explanations that are clear, concise, and doctrinally sound; includes equal doses of reflection and application; is engagingly and accessibly written; and consistently points one to Jesus—all in one book. Tim Chester has provided just that in Life with Jesus. Pastors, small group leaders, and new Christians alike will be grateful for this wise, practical, and immensely useful resource.