More to the Story

Deep Answers to Real Questions on Attraction, Identity, and Relationships

Helps teens discover the goodness of the Bible’s teaching on sexuality.

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What does the Bible really say about identity and gender, dating and sex? Are its teachings out of date and repressive? Or are they the way to joy and contentment?

Long-time youth worker Jennifer Kvamme knows teens are grappling with these questions. In this book she helps readers cut through the cultural confusion and find answers to questions like:

  • why does God care what I do with my body (if I’m not hurting anyone)? 
  • why does it matter what pronouns I use? 
  • why is sex “good” in marriage but “bad” before it? Isn’t love love? 
  • is the Bible really against gay marriage?

Rather than listing dos and don’ts, this book looks at the whole story of God’s love for us to give readers an essential backdrop for the Bible’s teachings on sexuality. It will help you navigate wisely complex issues around dating, sex and gender. You’ll not only learn how to honor Jesus in this area of life, but why he can be trusted to bring the kind of lasting joy and contentment that “sexual freedom” can’t. You'll discover there’s hope even if your experience of sexuality has been painful, complicated, or filled with shame. 

Each chapter includes reflection questions to help you think through these issues and apply them to your own life, as well as a discussion guide for youth groups.

You will be encouraged to trust Jesus with your deepest desires as you follow him in all of life, including your sexuality and relationships. 

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  • Start Here

    Part 1: The Big Story

    1. An Eternal Echo: Sexuality as a Glimpse of Something Deeper

    2. An Ancient Lie: The Enemy Who Works to Sabotage and Destroy What’s Good

    3. An Ultimate Hero: The Savior Who Brought Compassion and Redemption

    Part 2: The Big Questions

    4. Body: Why Does God Care What I Do with My Body (If I’m Not Hurting Anyone)?

    5. Identity: How Do I Figure Out What Really Makes Me Me?

    6. Desire: What Am I Supposed to Do with Such Strong Feelings?

    7. Gender: Why Does It Matter What Pronouns I Use?

    8. Singleness: What If I Never Get Married?

    9. Intimacy: Why Is Sex “Good” in Marriage but “Bad” Before It? Isn’t Love Love?

    10. Orientation: Is the Bible Really Against Gay Marriage?

    11. Screens: Porn and Virtual Sex Don’t Hurt Anything, Right?

    12. Dating: What Can and Can’t We Do?

    13. Abuse: What about When I Didn’t Have a Choice?

    Conclusion: It’s Worth the Cost

    Discussion Guide

    For Further Reading

    With Gratitude


Age range: 14 - 18
Contributors Jennifer M. Kvamme
ISBN 9781784989514
Format Paperback
First published January 2024
Dimensions 5.3" x 8.5" x 0.4"
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher The Good Book Company

Linda Allcock

Author, Deeper Still

This book manages to be wise, persuasive, warm, and sensitive in answering the hardest questions, in a hopeful and helpful way. A great resource for giving away, but also worth keeping in your back pocket!

Ed Drew

Ministry Director, Faith in Kids; Author, Raising Confident Kids

These are the issues where our teenage children most need help. That help has arrived! This book tells the better story about sex, gender, and sexuality that our teenagers desperately need to hear. Thank you, Jennifer!

John Perritt

Director of Resources, Reformed Youth Ministries; Author, Mark: How Jesus Changes Everything

More to the Story is such an important book. Jennifer talks about some of the most challenging topics of the day—body, gender, dating, abuse—in such a clear manner. There's so much that's helpful in this accessible resource. A vital book for parents and youth workers to put in the hands of their pre-teen, teen, or older.

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More to the Story | Jennifer M. Kvamme |
$16.99 $14.44