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Our Explore Devotions will help you to dig into passages from the Bible on a daily basis. Each three-month issue contains passages from Old and New Testaments, with psalms in every issue. There are helpful comments and questions from a wonderful selection of trusted Bible teachers.

Get organised with an annual subscription and your devotions will arrive quarterly. You can also gift an annual subscription. Simply enter your recipient's shipping address at checkout and give them something that will last all year.

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Bible book

Genesis (1)
Judges (1)
Ruth (1)
Nehemiah (1)
Esther (1)
Psalms (3)
Jeremiah (1)
Joel (1)
Obadiah (1)
Jonah (1)
Nahum (1)
Habakkuk (1)
Malachi (1)
Mark (4)
Acts (1)
Romans (3)
Ephesians (1)
Colossians (1)
2 Timothy (1)
Hebrews (1)
Jude (1)