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In the beginning God had
a very good idea...

God’s idea was to make a world
with lots of people
“I hope I can some day read it
to my Grandchildren.”
Tim Challies
God made it...
“A gentle and delightful
introduction to a crucial topic.”
Jonathan Leeman
But people ruined it...
God was not
“This will shape young minds and
hearts to love others and the
creator whose image we all bear.”
Russell Moore
One day God will finish
his very good idea.
And with your
wonderful, colourful
church family...
You can enjoy being
part of God's very good
idea right now!
“This is a book that could
change our families, the church,
this generation.”
Ann Voskamp

God's Very Good Idea

By Trillia Newbell and Catalina Echeverri

God’s very good idea is to have lots of different people enjoying loving him and loving each other. This stunningly illustrated journey from the garden of Eden to God’s heavenly throne room shows how despite our sinfulness, everyone can be a part of God’s very good idea through the saving work of Christ.

This book celebrates diversity and will help children see how people from all ethnic and social backgrounds are valuable to God and how Jesus came to rescue all kinds of people. It will also excite them about being part of church - God's delightfully different family.

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