The Big Fight ebook

Christian men vs the world, the flesh and the devil

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A book for Christian men to help them in their battle for holiness in 10 crucial areas

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Christian men are in a battle where the stakes are high and the enemy is strong. There is a trinity of evil at work in the world that will knock us out of the fight if it can.

This short, punchy and practical book will help believing men of all ages and from all walks of life to contend for the faith against the aggressive opponents of the world, the flesh and the devil.

Each short chapter includes people stories, discussion questions, a Bible study and some suggestions of where to go for further help.

Read. Digest. Pray. And come out of your corner with renewed strength and determination when the bell goes.

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  • Introduction: The enemy
    Guilt: How do I deal with the memory of the things I've done? Richard Coekin
    Gold: Why do I find it hard to be generous with my time and money? Matt Fuller
    Grog: I love a drink, but how often is too often? Tim Thornborough
    Gossip: Why does my mouth keep getting me into trouble? Mike McKinley
    Games: Is it wrong to be so passionate about winning? Richard Perkins
    Girls: Why do I still struggle with temptation? Jason Roach
    Grumbling: Why am I so bad tempered when things don't go my way? Trevor Archer
    Gifts: My life seems so ordinary. Why hasn't God given me more? Wanyeki Mahiaini
    Gogglebox: How can I stop watching too much of the wrong things? Wes McNabb
    Good News: Why is it such a struggle to tell others about Christ? Paul Clarke
    Conclusion: Grace

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Contributors Matt Fuller, Richard Coekin, Mike McKinley, Jason Roach, Trevor Archer, Wanyeki Mahaini, Wes McNabb, Paul Clarke, Tim Thornborough, Richard Perkins
ISBN 9781908762399
Format eBook
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews


“Great for discussion”

(Review written for 'The Big Fight')

We're using this book at our monthly men's breakfasts and it is a really useful book in launching discussion; very earthly, real, biblical and with helpful, practical applications.


“A very useful book for any men's ministry.”

(Review written for 'The Big Fight')

I've just finished working through this book at weekly meetings with just my Church Curate, at local a Cafe. We covered one chapter each week so able to relate text/commentary to own Spiritual issues. Just the pair of us - a brilliant time. Each chapter gave plenty to discuss, learn from and strengthen ourself's with the Lord.

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