The Songs of a Warrior (ebook)

The Songs of a Warrior ebook

Saul and David: A Retelling

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Imaginative yet biblically faithful account of the first two kings of Israel helps kids 8-13 to engage with God’s word.

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This dramatic retelling of the accounts of the first two kings of Israel follows the intertwining stories of Jonathan, Saul, David and Michal documented in 1 and 2 Samuel.

In this imaginative yet biblically faithful book, readers will find themselves immersed in the hearts and minds of the key players as they experience battles, intrigue, plots, betrayal, love, and friendship.

This resource is a great way to help kids aged 8-13 engage with God’s word. They’ll be left thinking about what it means to trust God and realizing that only Jesus can really be the king God’s people need.

Makes a wonderful gift for children aged 8-13.

Includes a Bible-reading plan and notes that differentiate the known facts from the imaginative parts.

A book club discussion guide is also included.Perfect for homeschool co-ops.

Written by Katy Morgan, author of The Promise and the Light.

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  • • 30 Chapters, tracing the stories of Saul, David, Michal and Jonathan
  • • Notes unpacking Bible background of each chapter
  • • Reading plan to dig into the Bible passages
  • • Discussion guide for book club groups or families
  • • Map


Age range: 8 - 13
Contributors Katy Morgan
ISBN 9781784988432
Format eBook
First published February 2023
Case quantity 50
Language English
Pages 288
Publisher The Good Book Company

Christopher Ash

Writer-in-Residence, Tyndale House, Cambridge

While staying faithful to the Bible plotline, Katy Morgan draws out the hopes, the fears, the belief and the unbelief all used by God to bring David to the throne.

Mike Dicker

Principal, Youthworks College, New South Wales, Australia

The retelling of the biblical narrative really draws you into the action and tension of the story and, importantly, excites your curiosity to read the pages of the Bible itself.

Ed Drew

Founder, Faith in Kids

Katy brings to life an extraordinary biblical story so that young people feel the power of God to work in our ordinary lives to achieve his amazing purposes.

Customer reviews


“A Superb Retelling of a Familiar Story”

(Review written for 'The Songs of a Warrior')

The majority of Christian books I have for children are illustrated storybooks, but to have a retelling of a familiar story that is both accurate to the Bible's account but also full of vibrant detail that means that it's hard to put down! This is about the right reading age for an 8/9 year old, but could definitely be suitable for an early teen too. If you have a child in the top end of primary school or lower end of secondary school, this would make a great gift to help them read a familiar bible story with fresh eyes, getting sucked in to the world of Israel's kings.


“A very helpful read for middle graders!”

(Review written for 'The Songs of a Warrior')

Using scripture, Katy Morgan is able to paint an imaginative picture of the biblical account of Saul and David.

While several parts of this book are imaginative, the structure and base is scriptural. The parts that were fictionalized did not alter the truth of the story, which is very important when handling retellings. Immediately after reading, I felt less to read the actual biblical account.

This book is ideal for middle graders. Before reading, I recommend getting a refresh and reading the full story of the account in the Bible, and then read along with the child. There is a wonderful Bible study at the end, and Katy Morgan has a helpful section that lists out which parts were imagined according to each chapter.

I also really appreciated the resources in the book, including a map of Israel, a list of characters, and scripture references.

Overall, I really enjoyed this read!


“Engages the mind and heart”

(Review written for 'The Songs of a Warrior')

This engaging and enjoyable book based on 1 + 2 Samuel is a delight to read!

Katy is a clear and skilled storyteller whose love and knowledge of God's Word is evident through the accuracy in this book. I greatly appreciated the cast of characters at the front of the book, the map of Israel, and the overall layout of the book.

Personally, the best part of this book was the delight it gave me to read it. This book is easy to read (I read it in a few hours) and it pulls you in immediately. I think this is an excellent book for older elementary/middle schoolers, but anyone would enjoy this book! After I finished the book, I felt encouraged by how the book points it's reader to delight in the true King.

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