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A Man's Greatest Challenge ebook

How to build self control that lasts

from 5 reviews

Excites and equips men to build real self-control, changing them and blessing those around them.

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“Men, read this book! In tackling the challenge of self-control, Dai shows that lasting hope lies not in will power but gospel power—its comfort and its call.”
Gavin Peacock, Missions Pastor at Calvary Grace Church, Canada; former Chelsea and Newcastle midfielder
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Ever wished you hadn't lost control of your words, or your time, or your temper? Ever resolved not to do something ever again, only to slip back after a week or a month?

Self-control. It's every man's greatest challenge.

The Bible says that a man without self-control is like a city without walls—defenceless in the face of attack. Lack of self-control is the weakness that lies beneath so many of our sins, from adultery and violence to the way we drive or fritter away our time.

This book will show you why you need to, and how to, build self-control that lasts. In showing you what the Son of God has done for you, and what the Spirit of God is doing in you, it will equip you to become the man you want to be, and the man those around you need you to be.

It's time to start building.

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  • 1. Walls
    2. Blueprint
    3. Wreckage
    4. Foundations
    5. Gang
    6. Cement
    7. Bricks

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Contributors Dai Hankey
ISBN 9781909919877
Format eBook
First published October 2014
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

Tim Challies

Blogger; author, Seasons of Sorrow

Written with winsome honesty and refreshing candor, this is a book that will benefit any man who chooses to read it.

Jamie Rasmussen

Senior Pastor, Scottsdale Bible Church, Arizona

Dai Hankey has written an extremely helpful book for men and their struggles. Focussing on the core issue of self-control, this book has the capacity to set a man free from nagging sin and shame. I would recommend it as a book to be read by all—from teen through to senior.

Peter Baker

Senior Pastor, Lansdowne Church, Bournemouth, UK

Dai has done it again—managed to write a book that is both simple and hard to read ! Simple, because it is not long or complex; hard, because it is challenging to download into our lives. But that’s a mark of a good book. It will help to identify your flaws and weaknesses, and discover a Christ-shaped, grace- filled response which leads to self-control.

Independent reviews

A Man's Greatest Challenge

Tim Challies,, Nov. 10, 2014

Written with winsome honesty and refreshing candor, this is a book that will benefit any man who chooses to read it.... continue reading

Customer reviews

Aug. 11, 2015

“A great little book”

(Review written for 'A Man's Greatest Challenge')

This is a great little book, to read for yourself, or to study in a men's group. It is solidly Biblical, and full of practical application. All of us suffer self-control issues in some area of our life, and as such this book is of wide usefulness.

May 16, 2015

“Solid Foundations”

(Review written for 'A Man's Greatest Challenge')

This is a clear, honest and realistic book, that above all builds on the foundations of the gospel, and is saturated throughout with gospel truth. The challenges have been penetrating, the illustrations brought much clarity, and the gospel centred wisdom brings much liberation as we battle on for self-control.

Dec. 13, 2014

“Get into a Gang”

(Review written for 'A Man's Greatest Challenge')

This book is short and punchy, and an easy read. The analogy of city walls and men's lives really resonated with me and I recognised the danger that we all face of a small breach in our 'walls'. The building process - plans, demolition, foundations and then building, and all focussed on Jesus and God's Word, is easy to understand and a helpful model. Of particular importance and relevance for all men in the church, is the chapter entitled Gang - I have bought the book for my closest friends but we are also intending to use this book to do a short series at our Men's Breakfasts in 2015.

Nov. 2, 2014

“Spirit cement and word bricks”

(Review written for 'A Man's Greatest Challenge')

The ability to build can be confused with a bodged DIY exercise that deals with the shell of a build this book takes you through foundations and site clearance and on to building the word into our lives. This is no DIY manual this is a helpful practical insight into placing our confidence in God and faith in Christ Jesus,every chapter has a useful testimony to illustrate the major point. So the biggest challenge known to man is to get building on a rock and not the sand that will sink and shift with circumstance,a God confidence that is strong and dependable for family,sex,money and church to work for God.

Oct. 27, 2014


(Review written for 'A Man's Greatest Challenge')

As a man who sucks at self control, being reminded of how damaging sin is, and how we must build our walls, was timely and brilliant. Every Christian man should read this book!

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A Man's Greatest Challenge (ebook) | Dai Hankey |
$9.99 $5.99