A Conversation on Human Dignity

Daniel Darling | September 17th 2018

With all the discussion swirling around about the proper place and value of justice in our Christian witness, it's imperative that we put human dignity at the forefront. 

Here I talk to my fellow colleagues at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission about what human dignity is and how God is calling all of us not just to see that people have dignity, but to act accordingly. 

In The Dignity Revolution, Daniel Darling shows us that each one of us can be, and are called to be, part of this new movement—a human dignity revolution that our societies desperately need, and how we—you—are uniquely placed to join.

The Dignity Revolution

The Dignity Revolution

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Inspiring Christians to see people as God sees them and make a difference

Daniel Darling

Daniel Darling is Vice-President for Communications of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, and Pastor of Teaching and Discipleship at Green Hill Church, Mt Juliet, Tennessee. He writes regularly in a range of publications, including The Washington Post and Huffington Post, and hosts the weekly podcast The Way Home. Dan is married to Angela and they have four children.

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