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God's Very Good Idea Storybook

A True Story of God's Delightfully Different Family

Bible storybook that celebrates diversity as it teaches young children how they can be part of God's delightfully different family.

Part of the Tales that Tell the Truth series.

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God's Very Good Idea - Coloring and Activity Book

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God’s very good idea is to have lots of different people enjoying loving him and loving each other. This stunningly illustrated journey from the garden of Eden to God’s heavenly throne room shows how despite our sinfulness, everyone can be a part of God’s very good idea through the saving work of Christ.

This book celebrates diversity and will help children see how people from all ethnic and social backgrounds are valuable to God and how Jesus came to rescue all kinds of people. It will also excite them about being part of church - God's delightfully different family.

There is an accompanying coloring and activity book available.

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Age range: 3 - 6
Author Trillia J. Newbell, Catalina Echeverri
ISBN 9781784982218
Format Hardback
First published September 2017
Dimensions 8.7" x 10.2" x 0.4"
Case quantity 34
Language English
Pages 32
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Ann Voskamp

New York Times bestselling author of One Thousand Gifts and The Broken Way

This book is not only a good idea to read as a family, it's a delightfully great way to be part of God's good idea! With vibrant illustrations that dance, and rich, wise words that point to the most beautiful Truths and Truth Himself, this is a book that could change our families, the church, this generation.

Matt Chandler

Pastor, The Village Church, Flower Mound, Texas; President, Acts 29

Parents, I highly recommend getting this book and reading it with your kids. So good and so helpful.

Blair Linne

Spoken-word artist

God-centered, clear, and helpful. I highly recommend this book.

Independent reviews

"A unique and fabulous book"

Jon Gemmell, That Happy Certainty, July 19th 2017

It is a fantastic children’s book showing how the diversity of humanity was God’s very Good Idea.... continue reading


Children's Book Review: God's Very Good Idea

Emily, September 28th 2017

Newbell captures the wonderful story of God's gospel and the overarching story of biblical theology and retells it, all the while celebrating cultural, ethnic and social diversity in God's family.... continue reading


Robin Ham, That Happy Certainty, October 13th 2017

The best kids book are probably those that get adults excited too – and perhaps even teaching us a thing or two along the way. And by referencing the differences we should expect and encourage in our churches: skin color, sex, languages, disability, hobbies, etc, Trillia has created a resource that will bless kids and grown-ups alike, helping us to have our eyes open to God’s very good idea.... continue reading

Customer reviews


“loved it”

This book is absolutely gorgeous. Illustrations are beautiful and the story of the gospel is well told. The themes of diversity and inclusion and how God made us all different and that is something to celebrate, are put across so well through the illustrations and the story. It tells an important message for our times of God's love for all people.


“Love it”

Beautifully written truths for everybody.


“An important book”

This is such an important book for our kids and parents. It reclaims the language of diversity and difference. There are some beautiful images of the Church included, with different ethnicities, ages, able bodied and disabled too - which I've not seen in many books either.


“A beautifully illustrated story of creation, the Fall, redemption and restoration”

I really love this book and so does my preschooler (but it works for older kids too)
It's beautifully illustrated, with lots going on in the pictures that you can talk about. Really lovely details.
The story is The big picture: how God made humans in his image and loved them. And we were to love Him and love each other.

The book talks about how despite us not being able to love God or each other the thanks to sin, God still loves us and sent Jesus.
The last part of the book explains the role of the church in God's plan.
Another overarching theme in the book is that diversity is God's idea and that we are all different and all the same, because we all reflect the image of God. It's really beautifully explained and illustrated.
I would recommend this to parents and to Sunday school teachers.


“Every Family Should Have a Copy”

After reading this book for the first time, I wondered why it hadn't been written before. A necessary, challenging, joyful reminder that the church should be the most diverse group of people on earth; especially when SO often Christian books even show Jesus with a white face. I love reading this to my children and I think it's one every Christian family should have on their shelf.


“Foundational Truths!”

This is a must-have for any family! My kids ask to read it over and over, and I GLADLY oblige them.


“Life Giving Truth”

Just read God's Very Good Idea with my elementary aged sons and I'm so thankful God placed this book in our path. Such a clear and accurate summary of God's truth as revealed in Scripture. I will be buying extra copies for family, friends and bday gifts. Thank you for holding out gospel truths to our children in a way they can understand without watering down the message. Excellent work!!!!


“A breath of fresh air”

God is all about variety. He didn't create just one type of animal, one type of tree or even one flower, but a beautiful multiplicity of diversity for us to enjoy. Why would we be hesitant to accept his diversity in humankind? Trilla's book represents the beauty of the church's multicultural design. The Apostle Peter said, "God hath shewed me that I should not call any man common or unclean." (Acts 10:28) This book is a wonderful way to approach teaching our children God's point of view on diversity. That common ground of the need for a Saviour brings us all together. And, the illustrations are delightful! Children will want to hear the story over and over again.


“Helpful, honest & clear”

We bought this to read to our grandson, but it stayed as a coffee table book for weeks - adults, both Christian & non-Christian, read it as much as kids. It is a clear presentation of God's purpose, his plan & his love. I love this series of books for the sound & accessible way they present God's Word to children.


“Clear, true and crucial.”

This book is a clear and beautiful introduction to the truth that God created a diverse world, and that that's a good thing. It will help children to understand that although people are different, we're all made in God's image and, as sinners, we're all in need of the same gospel. I think particularly if you're not living in a multicultural or diverse setting, this book will communicate hugely important truths that we simply must teach our children. We live in central London, and although diversity is the norm for my children, I'm glad that we have this book to articulate these things in such an appealing way. I hope that more books like this will soon be written which explore the topic in greater depth for slightly older children.

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God's Very Good Idea Storybook | Trillia J. Newbell, Catalina Echeverri | $14.99 $12.74