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Gather (audiobook)

Gather (audiobook)

Loving Your Church as You Celebrate Christ Together

By Tony Merida, foreword by David Platt, read by Marcus Jackman

How to make the most of and give the most to your church’s Sunday gatherings.

Part of the Love Your Church series.

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Why do we meet on Sundays?

Now that technology allows us to access services remotely, many see little need to meet face to face every week. Others think that because we have a personal relationship with Jesus as Christians, church is an optional add-on. For some, they know deep down that there is a reason why gathering on Sundays is important, but they are weary and don’t feel excited about it. So what is the purpose of corporate worship, and what is our role in it?

In this book, Tony Merida highlights how in-person Sunday gatherings are central to God’s plans and to our faith and joy. He reminds believers of their privileges as citizens of heaven, members of God’s family, and stones in God’s temple.

Readers will see how each part of a church service (preaching, praying, singing, baptism, Lord’s Supper, and building each other up in conversations) are ways to enjoy and share God’s grace, and are therefore essential for spiritual endurance. You’ll also be reminded that your presence in corporate worship matters because you have a part to play in encouraging your brothers and sisters and spurring them to love and good deeds.

Read this book to renew your understanding and enjoyment of going to church and to be excited by the ways in which your presence can encourage others.

There are discussion questions at the end of every chapter with action steps, making it ideal to read as a small group or even a whole church. Accompanying free downloads are available that can be used for small groups. There are downloadable worksheets, a PDF version of the book's discussion guide, introductory videos for each chapter and more.

If you are a pastor looking to remind church members of the importance of gathering as God’s people, this resource is for you.

This book is part of the Love Your Church series, a collection of thoughtful and practical books that will inspire every church member with a biblical vision of what it means to be a local community of God’s family. Church members can explore together what it means to belong, to welcome, to gather, to care, to serve and to honour one another, and to witness and send people out to spread the gospel.

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  • Introduction: A Renewed Vision of Your Gathering
    1. The Gift of Gathering
    2. Stir Up One Another
    3. Hear God's Word
    4. Sing Together
    5. Pray Together
    6. Celebrate the Gospel Visually
    7. Reach Outsiders
    8. Scatter
    Conclusion: Gathering Together to Change the World


Contributors Tony Merida, David Platt, Marcus Jackman
ISBN 9781646897759
Format Audiobook
First published January 2023
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company
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