Into His Presence (ebook)

Into His Presence ebook

Praying with the Puritans

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Collection of Puritan prayers and meditations that will help personal and public prayer. Includes prayers from John Owen, Thomas Watson, Anne Bradstreet, Richard Baxter, and more.

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This collection of eighty theologically rich and beautifully written prayers and meditations, adapted from Puritan prayers and prose, will enrich and deepen your prayer life.

While retaining the dignity and beauty of the original language, Tim Chester has updated key words and phrases, making the book accessible to modern readers.

Each prayer combines beautiful words with profound truths. Read during personal devotions or use to lead rich and deep corporate prayers to give weight and majesty to gathered times of worship.

Includes rich and glorious prayers from John Owen, Thomas Watson, Anne Bradstreet, Richard Baxter, and more.

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  • Introduction
  • 1. Prayers of Praise to the Father
  • 2. Prayers of Wonder for the Son
  • 3. Prayers of Dependence on the Spirit
  • 4. Prayers of Gratitude
  • 5. Prayers of Confession
  • 6. Prayers of Consecration
  • 7. Prayers for Times of Temptation
  • 8. Prayers for Times of Need
  • 9. Prayers for Times of Anxiety
  • 10. Prayers for Times of Sickness
  • 11. Prayers for the Church
  • 12. Prayers for the Lord’s Supper
  • 13. Prayers for the Word
  • 14. Prayers for the Lost
  • 15. Prayers for Morning and Evening
  • 16. Prayers for Everyday Life
  • References and Biographical Notes


Contributors Tim Chester
ISBN 9781784987985
Format eBook
First published September 2022
Case quantity 50
Language English
Pages 208
Publisher The Good Book Company

Bob Kauflin

Director, Sovereign Grace Music

Having read Arthur Bennett’s The Valley of Vision multiple times, I’ve always hoped someone else would mine the writings of the Puritans for more Scripture-drenched, Christ-exalting, God-glorifying, heartfelt prayers. My wait is over. Tim Chester has produced a volume eminently useful for private devotions, public gatherings and personal reflection. I expect his carefully chosen, thoughtfully organized, and beautifully edited prayers will serve the church for many generations to come.”

Christopher Ash

Writer in Residence, Tyndale House

These superb prayers model and teach a rich, deep devotion to God— Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Soaked in Scripture, they are wonderfully realistic about the life of faith. From a prayer for unbelieving children to a prayer with a dying Christian, with every style from the gripping logic of John Owen to the passionate warmth of Samuel Rutherford, these old believers walk with us in deepening our own lives of prayer. Tim Chester has done us a great service in editing and updating them so beautifully and clearly.

Lee Gatiss

Series Editor, The Complete Works of John Owen

I greatly appreciate the effort Tim Chester has gone to in this beautiful book, not only to organize and translate the biblically and doctrinally rich words of the Puritans into a language I can pray myself today, but also to note where these exquisite treasures can be found in their original settings. Full of arresting images and comforting truths, this is a precious resource to come back to time and again for spiritual refreshment, pastoral chal- lenge, and pure adoration of our gracious and sovereign God.”

Customer reviews


““Balm for the soul””

(Review written for 'Into His Presence')

The Puritan’s are renown for their rich, profound and penetrating prayers that saturated their lives.

One would only have to pick up a copy of ‘Everyday Prayer With the Puritans’, ‘Piercing Heaven: Prayers of the Puritans’ or the popular ‘Valley of Vision’ to appreciate their awe & reverence for God. That’s why, when I saw an opportunity to review ‘Into His Presence’ I requested it immediately.

Cased in an attractive blue and gold hardback cover plus blue ribbon marker, Tim Chester & The Good Book Company present 80 soul enriching prayers covering a plethora of topics for the readers edification.

A few of the topics covered are:

* Prayers of Praise to the Father
* Prayers of Wonder for the Son
* Prayers of Dependence on the Spirit
* Prayers of Confession
* Prayers for the Lost
* Prayers for Sickness
* Prayers for Anxiety

In total there are 16 prayer categories and contributions from godly men of the past such as: John Owen, Thomas Watson, Samuel Ruthersford, Isaac Ambrose, Thomas Brooks & more.

Into His Presence begins with a brief introduction to who The Puritans were and a brief history on these godly men. Toward the back of the book you’ll find a small section titled: ‘Biographies’ which gives a short summary of some well known Puritans and their lives. A few notables would be: Matthew Henry, Richard Baxter, John Bunyan, Stephen Charnock, John Flavel, Richard Sibbs and many more.

I am currently going through this book with my wife each day and it is serving as a fantastic devotional resource and prayerful inspiration for us both

“My primary aim has been to provide prayers to be prayed” is a quote from the introduction by Chester and I can say I think he has done a great job at accomplishing his task.

My advice, grab a copy for yourself and treat someone to a copy as a gift.

This book was sent to me by The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review



(Review written for 'Into His Presence')

This is a wonderfully powerful book to read through. It is simply a compilation of Puritan prayers.

Chester structures the book with sixteen different sections that provide prayers based on certain topics. Such topics include Confession, Gratitude, The Church, Times of Need, etc. There are a total of eighty prayers.

This is an incredible resource for improving your prayer life and deepening your relationship with Christ. It's difficult to describe the prayers in words as it just seems to be insufficient in providing exactly what the reader will receive from them.

Through the introduction, Chester introduces the Puritans, the way of life, and their love for the Lord. This portion alone is convicting to compare our current prayer lives with those of the Puritans and falling so very short of what it could be.

This book is perfect for personal use and groups as well as consistent reference.

I received a copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.

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