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Discover: Book 6

Bible notes for young people

from 26 reviews

Book 6 of a three-year collection of Bible notes for young people

Part of the Discover series.

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Discover Bible notes have been helping young people understand and apply the Bible for over a decade. Now, we're turning these popular devotions into a collection of 12 books that covers the major Bible books, events and characters.

Discover encourages a daily routine of Bible study and prayer, which will help young people set a pattern for the rest of their lives.

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  • Book 6 contains:
    • Exodus 13-18
    • John 7-12
    • Acts 18-28
    • James 1-5 (1)

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Age range: 11+
Contributors Martin Cole
ISBN 9781784980580
Format Paperback
First published February 2017
Dimensions 5.8" x 8.3" x 0.4"
Weight 4.87 oz
Case quantity 40
Language English
Pages 96
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews

Aug. 27, 2023

“Helpful Quick Dive”

(Review written for 'Discover - 1 year subscription')

This devotional takes kids straight into the word and overviews their content with most important verses and meanings. The only change I’d like is for the activities to be more variance in the word activities. My 7 year old doesn’t quite read and write to the level this book requires, but my 9 year old does well (both mature and far long for their respective ages in these skills).

Nov. 14, 2022

“Really good service”

(Review written for 'Discover - 1 year subscription')

Took the book on holiday with my grandchildren and we filled in each day and read the Bible together. Just a short passage but it made them think. Thank you

Nov. 3, 2022


(Review written for 'Discover - 1 year subscription')

My 11 year old loves these Bible study guides and asked me to read them with him at bed time

Aug. 29, 2022

“Great for helping get young people into the Bible”

(Review written for 'Discover - 1 year subscription')

My 9 year old has previously LOVED going through all the XTB Bible notes and we’ve all felt a bit lost since he finished the last edition. We were recently recommended these Discover notes and he has been really enjoying them. He says “I really enjoy the puzzles and how it helps me get to know God better”. I think it’s so important at this age that he is spending time reading the actual Bible for himself (so many other notes end up *summarising* the Bible rather than making him actually get it open). Thank you.

Oct. 18, 2021

“Great for independent reading of the Bible”

(Review written for 'Discover - 1 year subscription')

My 9 year old really loves this. He enjoyed XTB but felt he was a bit old for it and was really keen to do something similar. He likes that he can do it independently (we look through it together afterwards), enjoys the code words and other fun things. I think it is great the notes explain the more difficult words in the passages. He's so keen to do his study each night. Thank you Good Book Company!

Dec. 14, 2020

“Really encouraged”

(Review written for 'Discover - 1 year subscription')

I am really encouraged that something like this exist for this age group. It's something my daughter really engages with.

July 24, 2020


(Review written for 'Discover - 1 year subscription')

Quick response to order. Books for Pathfinder youngsters who had asked for them having had nos 1 and 2 so clearly well received.

July 11, 2019

“Good initial response”

(Review written for 'Discover - 1 year subscription')

I bought this booklet of Bible Reading Notes for my 12 year old granddaughter who had tried many types and enjoyed them, but was looking for some thing fresh. Initial reaction was welcoming and positive, but I hvae not heard from her recently.

April 26, 2017


(Review written for 'Discover - 1 year subscription')

Great Bible reading notes which my 11 year old and 13 year old both enjoy and find useful.

April 20, 2017


(Review written for 'Discover - 1 year subscription')

These notes have engaged my 11 year old son perhaps more than anything else we've used before.

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