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Enjoying Jesus

Experience the Presence and Kindness of the Son of God in Everyday Life

What does it look like to enjoy a relationship with Jesus Christ here and now?

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What does it look like to enjoy a relationship with Jesus Christ here and now?

We know Jesus has saved us. We know we need to trust him. But too often there’s little sense of a lived experience of him—of enjoying him and being a joy to him, of loving him and being loved by him, of interacting with him as we walk through each day.

In Enjoying Jesus, Tim Chester explores how Jesus acted and interacted with people in Luke’s Gospel and how, through his Spirit, we can experience the joy of Jesus’ presence and companionship in our day-to-day lives.

This book is ideal for anyone wanting to deepen their relationship with Jesus, especially those who feel disconnected from God or those going through the motions of the Christian life without joy. It will also help new Christians who want to understand how Jesus is with them by his Spirit.   

Each chapter includes reflection questions and practical suggestions on how to experience a close, joyful relationship with Jesus. The accompanying discussion guide makes this a useful resource for small groups.

This is the sequel to Tim Chester’s popular book Enjoying God.

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  • Mike and Emma’s Tuesday Afternoon

    Introduction: Enjoying Jesus Today

    1. Enjoying the Presence of Jesus
    2. Enjoying the Compassion of Jesus 
    3. Enjoying the Shelter of Jesus
    4. Enjoying the Touch of Jesus
    5. Enjoying the Vitality of Jesus
    6. Enjoying the Glory of Jesus
    7. Enjoying the Delight of Jesus
    8. Enjoying the Voice of Jesus
    9. Enjoying the Connection of Jesus
    10. Enjoying the Anger of Jesus
    11. Enjoying the Intercession of Jesus
    12. Enjoying the Reign of Jesus
    13. Enjoying the Wealth of Jesus
    14. Waiting for the Appearing of Jesus

    Afterword: A Year of Sitting with Jesus

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Contributors Tim Chester
ISBN 9781802541076
Format Paperback
First published September 2024
Dimensions 5.3" x 8.5" x 0.4"
Weight 9.10 oz
Language English
Pages 208
Publisher The Good Book Company
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Enjoying Jesus | Tim Chester |
$16.99 $10.19