Faithfully Present

Embracing the Limits of Where and When God Has You

By Adam Ramsey, foreword by Alex Early
from 18 reviews

How to embrace the time and place where God has put us and live each day fully and faithfully present with God and with others.

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Most of us feel that life is rushing past us. We reach the end of another day or week or year and wonder where it went. So we double down on trying to do more or do better—or distract ourselves with the many diversions the 21st century has to offer. But often we’re so busy thinking about the next thing that we’re at risk of missing the main thing: the people and places God has put in front of us, right here, right now.

There is a better way to live. In this thought-provoking book, Adam Ramsey helps us to embrace the time and place we are in and to live each day fully and faithfully present with God and with others. Readers will discover fresh joy in the little things, freedom from the tyranny of time, and contentment in every season of life.

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  • Introduction: Learning to Live, Where You Are

  • PART 1: Time
    1. Time
    2. Times
    3. Seasons
    4. Lulls
    5. Hurry
    6. Pauses
    7. Memories
    8. Funerals

  • PART 2: Place
    9. Here
    10. Bodies
    11. Others
    12. Eternity

  • Epilogue: Time Unlimited in a Place Uncursed


Contributors Adam Ramsey, Alex Early
ISBN 9781784988920
Format Paperback
First published September 2023
Dimensions 5.3" x 8.5" x 0.4"
Case quantity 50
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher The Good Book Company

Ray Ortlund

President, Renewal Ministries

Something inside us longs to be God-like. To be fully freed and self-defining is the existence we ‘post-everything’ people are reaching for. But our pursuit is exhausting. What if we admit that God alone is God-like? What if we accept the good limitations of how he created us? That’s what Faithfully Present helps us to see, as Adam Ramsey guides us into those green pastures and beside those still waters.

Jared C. Wilson

In Faithfully Present, Adam Ramsey proves to be a reliable, insightful, and frequently playful guide who helps us navigate the changing seasons of our lives. This book is a heartfelt magnification of the unchanging God, who is faithful and with us through them all.

Matt Chandler

Pastor of The Village Church, Flower Mound, Texas; author of Explicit Gospel and Take Heart

Adam Ramsey is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. After writing deeply and beautifully about the collision of head and heart in Truth on Fire, he turns his biblically saturated imagination to a topic we are in desperate need of understanding in our technological age: the truth of limits and how embracing them settles our soul into the present, where we can commune deeply with God and others. In fact the only place where we can do that is in the present. If you feel hurried and thin, or if you feel like your mind is never with you in the room… this is the book for you!

Customer reviews


“Encouraging, convicting, refreshing. Must read!”

Adam Ramsey writes with humor, humility, and honesty. He dives into our human limitations between time and place with the purpose of encouraging us in Biblical wisdom on how to be faithfully present in spite of these constraints.

Adam begins the book with laying a foundation of what time is - chronos and kairos - which both belong to Jesus, serving His purposes, just as He intends them to. (Pg 36)

I really appreciated Adam’s writing in chapter 3 where he distinguishes the seasons of life with the Spring of Childhood, the Summer of Adulthood, the Autumn of Midlife, and the Winter of Our Final Years. His descriptions of how the Christian life evolves in these seasons is both encouraging and convicting.

Chapter 7 was like a punch in the gut in the best possible way. Comparing both nostalgia and regret as unbiblical when they intrude into the present in a way that makes you think God is either holding out on you now, that your best life has past, or that He hasn’t fully forgiven you.

I liked the first part of the book re: time better than the second half re: space. Both were good, but I felt like he just nailed so many things in the first half. And perhaps it’s because of my current life-stage and struggles that it resonated with me more. Adam covered topics of time, seasons, various types of time such as waiting, resting, and changing, as well as places like earth, human body, relational spaces, and heaven. And he did so with the foundation of Scripture and a Biblical worldview that encouraged all of the things we do during our limited time and place to be held against the backdrop of the gospel. At times I was laughing, at times my eyes were filled with tears. This was a book that cut to my heart and renewed my soul, reminding me just how precious Jesus is, and encouraging me to be faithfully present.


“Encouraging & Insightful”

This thoughtful book leads us through a meditation on time & place & the significance of both in the Christian life. He points to the way we fill & overfill our schedules with activities & tasks, but we don't allow margins for those moments of wonder & awe over what God has done. We don't allow for "interruptions" in our day because they throw us off trying to check off that ever-present to-do list.


“Helpful Insights; Mostly Focuses on Time, Not Place”

3.5 stars, rounded up.

Adam Ramsey shares helpful insights about the importance of accepting when and where you are in life, making the most of your present moment instead of constantly looking for the next thing and fighting your natural limitations. He shares wisdom from Scripture about topics like accepting different life seasons, learning how to slow down and rest, persevering during times of waiting, and dealing with the mingled joy and sadness of nostalgia. Ramsey includes anecdotes from his own life, and he also gives examples and illustrations from people in other life stages. Although I sometimes felt that this book was too general, it’s a good flyover view of the topic.

Eight chapters of this book focus on time, and only four address a sense of place. Those chapters are about earthly places, embodiment, human relationships, and eternity, and it surprised me that Ramsey only devoted a single chapter to accepting where you are geographically. Even in the chapter about earthly places, he isn't very thorough with the topic, especially since he also spends time writing about the disembodied nature of the Internet. I think that warranted its own chapter, and I would have liked to see more on the theme of physical places, especially because so many people struggle to accept their immediate surroundings.

"Faithfully Present" shares helpful insights from Scripture and life experience, and it can encourage adults and teens who are struggling with contentment. However, this book mainly focuses on "when," not "where." This is primarily for people who want to grow in how they think about and engage with time, and it offers only brief, passing perspectives on the role of physical places in our lives.

Note: I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

A longer version of my review is available here:


“A much-needed antidote to the hurried pace of modern life”

Faithfully Present is a brief yet impactful work that resonates deeply with anyone who has ever felt the weight of time's tyranny. In our fast-paced lives, where we are constantly pressured to plan, achieve, and keep up with the clock, Ramsey's book serves as a much-needed reminder that true fulfillment comes from living faithfully in each day the Lord grants us.

The book is divided into two parts, "Time" and "Place," and it allows for a thoughtful contemplation of the interconnectedness of these two aspects of our lives. Ramsey encourages readers to appreciate the significance of time and place in shaping our existence. He emphasizes the importance of finding contentment in our current circumstances and embracing the unique opportunities and challenges they present.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Faithfully Present is Adam Ramsey's relatable and warm writing style. He effortlessly weaves personal anecdotes, humor, and reflections about life into his writings. These aspects not only make the book an engaging read but also help readers connect with the material on a personal level. Ramsey’s thoughts are also firmly grounded in scripture.

Faithfully Present by Adam Ramsey is a gem of a book that invites readers to reflect on the profound theology of time while providing practical guidance on how to live in the moment. Ramsey's message of contentment, faithfulness, and joyful presence is both timely and timeless, offering a much-needed antidote to the hurried pace of modern life.


“Just bought this book at TGC 2023”

The Lord blessed Adam Ramsey with a mighty pen and humble heart. This book hits home in so many ways in our current times. I highly recommend picking this book up.


“Helpful reminder in today's busy world”

Faithfully Present: Embracing the Limits of Where and When God Has You by Adam Ramsey. I really enjoyed this book especially as somebody who constantly struggles with being present in the moment and not just looking ahead to the next thing.
Ramsey splits the book into two parts, time and place. The first part goes through different times/seasons of life while the second part focuses on the spaces we exist. He does a great job inviting the reader in to understand more of who God is and God’s relationship to time and what that means for us in terms of where we are and where we will be.
One quote from the book is “I want you to have your eyes open to here and now in the ever-changing seasons and spaces of your life. To glorify God right where you are, not where you think you ought to be. To be present in the life that you do have, not the life you think you should have.”
Overall would definitely recommend this book!


“Being Limitless Might Not Be All It's Cracked Up to Be...”

I feel the constant pressure of needing to do more, be more, and do better. The week is never long enough to do all I want or enjoy all the distractions I can! And yet, Adam Ramsey shows us that maybe this is a good thing. Maybe God didn't make us to be people who had limitless time and energy and never stopped. Maybe it's good to acknowledge that we have limits to focus us on the place and time we're in, for God's glory. Maybe it's good that God has given us the ability to be content by faithfully being present in the lives we have now. This is a great read, especially if you're like me and feel the constant pull to do more. Would definitely recommend it!


“Reminding us to trust God with our time and limitedness”

The premise of Adam Ramsey’s book “Faithfully Present” is that we must remember our limits and finiteness as human beings. These limits are placed on us by our all-knowing, ever-faithful God because of His love for us. Such limits and guidelines are actually for our good.

The book’s chapters are organized into two parts: Time and Place, helping us to learn to embrace and be at peace with the limits of the “when” (time) and “where” (place) of our lives.

Ramsey reminds us we can trust God with our time because He is outside of time and He alone has this perspective of time.

“Time need not haunt you, when you know it does not hold you. For the one who holds time holds your life.”

About place, Ramsey reminds us, we “can only faithfully exist in one place at one time,” and that we are called to bless the place and people where we are, and this “deeply matters to God.”

I appreciated the idea to “punctuate the day ahead with brief moments of selah.” Likewise, the chapter highlighting nostalgia and regrets from our past was very moving!

Some quotes I highlighted:

“As far as God is concerned, your earthly body, made of physical matter, matters. And one day, it will be renewed in Christ's likeness.”

“God is not behind schedule in your life because your life is happening on his schedule.”

“Like Esau trading his birthright for a bowl of stew, we exchange faithful presence for perpetual busyness.”

“I am not unlimited, so I need to prioritise rest. I am not omnipotent, so I need to prioritise prayer. I am not omniscient, so I need to learn to listen. I am not omnipresent, so I need to stop trying to be everywhere for everyone...”

Thank you to The Good Book Company for sending this book for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


“Timely Reminder”

“The more we counted the seconds, the more we tried to squeeze into them. The more we put ourselves under the eye of time, the more power we gave to it. We forgot that Chronos is a taker and insatiably greedy.” - Adam Ramsey, Faithfully Present: Embracing the Limits of When and Where God Has You

Thank you Adam for this gentle yet firm reminder to be present and also to sit without racing toward the next thing.

This book was such a great reminder for me, as a young mum who spends *a lot* of time working. To not wish away the struggles of being a toddler mum, and to also be faithful with the time that I do have. To put down the phone and put away the laptop. To admit that I can’t do it all even if I desperately want to, and, most importantly, to be ok with that.

This will be something I read regularly - because I’m a sinner, and need constant reminder of the good rest that I can find in Jesus and that the little moments are the most important.


“Faithfully Excellent”

Faithfully Present is an excellent book. It is weighty, humbling and at times funny. I found myself laughing out loud on a number of occasions and then needing to pause and reflect as I was smacked by some weighty perspective.
Adam does a great job of reminding us of who we are: flawed, limited and clearly not God. He outlines that we are created to exist in the time and moments in front of us. Despite our longing to join in the chaos of this fast-paced world, this hopeful book leads us to rest in the kind, sovereign Father who is leading all things to his will, at his pace.
Do yourself a favour, lock some time away, grab this book and let it lead you to the antidote of your restless heart: Jesus.

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$16.99 $11.89