What Are Hands For? Board Book

A Lift-the-Flap Board Book

By Abbey Wedgeworth, illustrated by Emma Randall
from 15 reviews

Practical, fun tool for parents raising toddlers. Encourages obedience motivated by God’s love and grace.

Part of the Training Young Hearts series.

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Fun lift-the-flap board book that motivates small children to use their hands in a Christ-like way.

This helpful and engaging training tool will help parents to teach their kids that God didn’t make their hands for behaviors like snatching, pushing, or hitting but for positive actions like waving, clapping, praying, high-fiving, helping, and serving. 

Not only will children be encouraged to follow Jesus’ example, but they’ll also be reassured that he loves us no matter what we do. He can forgive us when we fail, and help us to change.

This book is part of a new series called Training Young Hearts that addresses the attitudes of the heart that underpin behavior and explains how the gospel of grace enables us to change.

Parents, teachers, and other loved ones can refer back to these resources when specific behaviors need both to be corrected and to be connected to forgiveness, grace and growth.

Product details


Age range: 1 - 4
Contributors Abbey Wedgeworth, Emma Randall
ISBN 9781784988937
Format Board book
First published September 2023
Dimensions 6.5" x 6.5" x 0.1"
Case quantity 50
Language English
Pages 9
Publisher The Good Book Company

Laura Wifler

Cofounder, Risen Motherhood

I am incredibly excited about these new books from Abbey Wedgeworth. Engaging, helpful, and full of truth, these books are sure to become a favorite in your home!

Melissa B Kruger

Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Uptown Church; author, The Envy of Eve

One of the most important ways we can train young children is to teach them what is right as well as teach them what is wrong. In the Training Young Hearts series Abbey Wedgeworth faithfully shows children how to live while also telling them the good news of God’s grace. These board books are such an engaging (and fun!) way to teach big truths to young hearts.

Hunter Beless

Founder and Host, Journeywomen podcast

The Training Young Hearts board books will help parents encourage positive behavior through one of the most effective methods of learning—play! These engaging books will not only instruct kids but parents too, by equipping both with training refrains based in biblical truths. Abbey has provided us with an incredible tool to help us clearly and intentionally communicate with our kiddos in a way that points to them to Jesus. 

Customer reviews


“Excellent Message”

Toddlers are going to love looking under all the flaps. The illustrations of children, parents and Jesus are well done and keep the child engaged.

The message is very clear. I love how Abbey Wedgeworth discusses the positive use of our hands, how Jesus used His hands to love us, how we can use our hands incorrectly, and how to use our hands to ask for forgiveness.

I highly recommend this book to any Christian family with toddlers, and it would also be great in any church nursery.


“Love these books!”

Highly recommend these sweet books. I appreciate the way the books show the right way to use hands and also demonstrate repentance and reliance on the Spirit.


“Sweet Series”

My 2.5 year old son really enjoys these books, and the accompanying pre-order visuals. These books are a great combination or biblical and practical. Looking forward to the future books, too


“Great Gospel Summary for our Youngest Children”

This series of books does a great job teaching some big truths about God and what he has done for us in a really simple, accessible way. This particular book uses the imagery of hands, and features some lovely illustrations and moving parts to tell our youngest children about the good news we have in Jesus. This would make a lovely gift for your own child or for a family in your church. There’s no need to wait until children are old enough to understand a bigger Bible story book, this can help them to start thinking about God at a really early age in a fun way!



We bought this book (and "What Are Mouths For?") for my 1.5 year old. He absolutely loves it! He is extremely physical and has been hitting and biting off and on. He loves being able to redirect his actions. He loves acting out each page and loves the flaps, too. I LOVE that it points us to Jesus and how He used His hands, and we can use our hands to raise in praise to Him! I love that the obedience is rooted in the gospel!

The other day I caught him hitting and when I told him "no hitting", he automatically (unprompted) started to do the other suggested activities in the book instead.

My four year old, who also loves the book, says "It's so fun and we learn about stuff with it. We learn about what our hands are for: not hitting."


“Sweet Board book with biblical truths”

What Hands are For? is a book that Trains young minds and hearts to understand how to glorify God with our hands.

The illustrations were so sweet. I love how the ending resolves with a short lesson on how Jesus used His hands as a child. This book points children toward their ultimate goal: glorifying God. I also particularly appreciated the diversity in the children.

It’s amazing how simple biblical truths can be accessible to very young children, and this is a great resource for it.

Highly recommended!

I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


“So sweet”

What Are Mouths For? is such a cute board book on the beauty and uses of our mouths! This is such a practical, yet fun way to introduce the mechanisms of Gods creation to little ones.

I love how the books illustrated how our mouths can be used for good, and for bad. The illustrations were clear and my son could easily understand the facial expressions and what the author was conveying, even though he cannot read yet.

I was also pleasantly surprised that this was sort of a pop up/ flip book.

Overall, this was such a cute book and I recommend for parents with very young ones!

I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


“Wonderful book, gift!”

This book is a perfect gift. It's a sweet, fun book, encouraging relationship with Christ, and interaction with the reader.


“Weary Mamas Need this Book!”

Weary moms looking to impart the values of respect and love to your little ones in a simple and effective manner – this book is an absolute gem for you! It is interactive, featuring lift-flaps and cool gestures like clapping and waving to keep things engaging.

What's even more remarkable is the clear Gospel message it conveys – centered around Christ's sacrifice and the concept of forgiveness.

It's worth noting that the book does include cartoon-style depictions of Christ, which might be something to consider if your family has convictions on that. That said, overall, it's a fantastic book that deserves a solid four stars. It's a great addition to your personal library, and it's also perfect for the kids' room at your church.


“Engaging Teaching Tool”

In this board book, Abbey Wedgeworth teaches kids about what God made our hands for, including clapping, helping, and building. Then she turns towards what we shouldn't do with our hands, such as grabbing things away from other people, pushing, and hitting. She introduces Jesus after that, saying that he was also a child, that he always helped and served others, and that he spread his hands out on a cross so that we could be forgiven for every wrong thing we do. The remainder of the book talks about asking forgiveness, growing through the Holy Spirit’s help, and praising God.

Abbey Wedgeworth expresses this in very simple, child-friendly terms, and the illustrations from Emma Randall are colorful, expressive, and fun. Every single page has a lift-the-flap component, and these work very well. They aren't just a kid-friendly gimmick, either, and the illustrations and writing underneath the flaps are an integral part of the book. I really like the design, but the downside of this is that the other Training Young Hearts book published so far is extremely similar, and these could seem redundant.

"What Are Hands For?" can help children see the difference between positive and harmful choices, and many parents will appreciate this engaging addition to verbal instruction. However, I would encourage parental discernment with using this, since the book's broad message can attribute sin to behaviors that are simply childish. Absolutely, I sinned as a small child when I hit my sister upside the head out of ungodly wrath, but kids sometimes hit or whack people just because they lack body awareness and social skills, without any ill intent. This book doesn't differentiate between mere teachable moments and deliberate bad choices, and even though I appreciate this book's message about gospel grace, I hope that parents will consider that limitation when using this teaching tool.

Note: I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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