Is hell for real?

And other questions about judgment, eternity and the God of love

A thoughtful and accessible guide to the Bible's teaching on God's judgment and hell. Read the first chapter.

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The word Hell conjures up all kinds of nightmares in people's minds. But also presents a difficulty for many Christians. How can a God who the Bible says literally "is love" condemn anyone to an eternity of torment? Will punishment be eternal? Is Hell for real?

In this short, accessible book, pastor and author Erik Raymond reviews this important subject for everyone with pastoral warmth and biblical clarity.

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  • Introduction: The problem of judgment
  • 1. Images of the afterlife
  • 2. God of Justice
  • 3. God of love
  • 4. The problem of evil
  • 5. Deserving causes
  • 6. Love really does win
  • Conclusion: If Hell is for real then…


Author Erik Raymond
ISBN 9781784980689
Format Paperback
First published 2017
Dimensions 4.3" x 7" x 0.3"
Language US English
Pages 96
Publisher The Good Book Company
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