Light in the Darkness

The Christmas story from Luke 1-2 (HCSB)

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A stunning graphic realization of the Christmas Story, from Luke 1-2, using nothing but unedited Bible text.

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The second in our range of stunning, graphic-novel-style books faithfully illustrating the unchanged text of the gospel of Luke.

This prequel to 'The Third Day' has the same gritty, contemporary feel that is so far removed from the graphic versions of the Bible already available.

This resource will introduce the biblical account of the first Christmas to a new audience in a fresh way, powerfully capturing the joy, pain and emotion of Luke 1 and 2. Uses the HCSB translation.

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  • Part I: The Message
  • Part II: The Promise
  • Part III: The Savior


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Age range: 14 - 25
Author Alex Webb-Peploe
ISBN 9781910307205
Format Paperback
First published 2016
Dimensions 6.6" x 10.2" x 0.2"
Language English
Pages 48
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews


I gave this as part of a Christmas present with a little trepidation to a young teenager who doesn't have any church background and was delighted to get a thank you letter from him including the frank comment "also the graphic novel was surprisingly good"!! He's not even a keen reader so that's really saying something! Thank you for this great resource.


“Great book to encourage your children to read”

I can only speak for what I have observed in my children age 10 and 8 but they enjoyed this book which tells the story leading up to Jesus birth in cartoon form. Its full of scripture which is nice and to be honest anything which encourages my children to read the Bible or bits of it is a good thing. They also like the Action Bible which is similar. A good buy for this time of year


“the trailer is the way to go”

I think the trailer with the music was far better with that quick frame change with that in your face way, is more spectacular. I wonder if you could develop that into a longer thing that could be shown in church as I think it gets the point across with the music in a clear quick hard hitting way


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Light in the Darkness | Alex Webb-Peploe | $9.99 $8.49