Living without Worry (ebook)

Living without Worry ebook

How to replace anxiety with peace

Practical help to identify when our godly concern turns into sinful worry and how we can use Scripture to cast our concerns upon the Lord. Revised and expanded.

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Worry is an extremely common yet unchallenged problem, and many people don’t know how to practically stop worrying, even if they know they need to.

In this revised and expanded new edition, Tim Lane helps readers to see when godly concern turns into sinful worry, and how scripture can be used to cast our concerns upon the Lord. Christians will discover how to replace anxiety with peace, freeing them to live life to the full.

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  • Introduction
  • 1. Why Not Worry?
  • 2. What is Worry?
  • 3. Worry and your Past (Part One)
  • 4. Worry and your Past (Part Two)
  • 5. Worry and your Future
  • 6. Worry and your Present
  • 7. How to Begin to Change
  • 8. Real Truths that Counter your Worry
  • 9. How to Cast All your Anxiety on Him
  • 10. What Would Jesus Say? A Case Study
  • 11. Conclusion
  • Acknowledgments


Contributors Dr Timothy Lane
ISBN 9781784987091
Format eBook
First published February 2022
Case quantity 50
Language English
Pages 144
Publisher The Good Book Company
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