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Our Radiant Redeemer

Lent Devotions on the Transfiguration of Jesus

from 12 reviews

As Easter approaches, marvel at Jesus’ glory with these daily reflections on the transfiguration. 

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This devotional looks at the transfiguration of Jesus in depth, giving readers a glorious lens through which to view Jesus during Lent and Easter. 

Tim Chester says in his introduction:

“The transfiguration is a light that illuminates the meaning of the cross and resurrection. As we look deeper, we’ll discover that it’s not just Jesus who is transfigured. His promise is that we, too, can be transfigured by the light he brings to our lives.”

As we see Jesus in all his glory, we will be reminded of how marvelous he is and how brilliant our future with him will be. We will be moved to worship Jesus with our whole lives, giving thanks for all that he is and all that he has done.  

Each of the 40 devotions includes prompts to reflect and pray. 

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  • The Beginning of Lent: Radiant | Mark 9:1-8

    Week 1: The Radiant Person of Jesus | Exodus 33:18 – 34:7

    Week 2: The Radiant Words of Jesus | 2 Peter 1:16-21

    Week 3: The Radiant Love of Jesus | Mark 8:27-9:7

    Week 4: The Radiant Passion of Jesus | Luke 9:28-36

    Week 5: The Radiant Victory of Jesus | Mark 9:1-2, 9-29

    Holy Week: Radiant and Transformed | Matthew 17:1-8

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Contributors Tim Chester
ISBN 9781784989538
Format Paperback
First published January 2024
Dimensions 5.1" x 7.8" x 0.5"
Weight 7.65 oz
Language English
Pages 192
Publisher The Good Book Company

Elyse M. Fitzpatrick

Author, Give Them Grace

This wonderful devotional will draw your heart to see the amazing glory that was (for a time) hidden in the body of the Man who shone on the mountain and then walked into darkness on Golgotha for us. I highly recommend it.

Customer reviews

March 31, 2024

“Enlightening Devotional”

I've never made much of the Transfiguration. It seems like a less-than-usual episode in the Gospel accounts. What did it really mean? Why did it matter? How should it affect my understanding of Jesus, God, the resurrection, the future? Turns out you can spend 40 days learning about the Transfiguration & still feel like you don't completely understand it, but you can still feel encouraged by it. Chester takes his time, comparing the variations in the accounts. None are identical, but that isn't a problem. Each detail is important & each account emphasizes a different aspect. I think this is a fantastic devotional for outside of the Lenten season. I'm coming away from it wanting to know more, for sure!

Feb. 15, 2024

“The perfect devotional for Lent!”

For Lent this year Tim Chester presents us with 47 short daily reflections on the transfiguration, vividly bringing to life the meaning of the Cross and the resurrection. “Our Daily Redeemer” is a glorious journey exploring the transfiguration of Christ from different biblical angles - this is a unique Lent devotion that takes the reader right to the heart of the glory that is revealed in Christ.

Piecing together the biblical narrative of the glory of God appearing before Moses and Elijah in the Old Testament, before appearing with Jesus at the transfiguration, Tim Chester brings together so many wonderful passages - almost like a biblical mural where the biblical picture of Christ is made up of all these different daily biblical reflections, giving the reader a much clearer picture of the person of Christ.

I particularly loved how Tim Chester drew a parallel that I had never really considered before, between the story of Stephen in Acts 6, whose “face was like the face of an angel” and Moses in Exodus 34, when his face was radiant before the people of Israel. In that moment, Stephen’s message to the Jewish council was that the Law and the Prophets have found their fulfilment in Christ and Tim Chester makes the observation that:

“The transfiguration teaches us how to read the Old Testament. Moses and Elijah turn up to see the fulfilment of everything they had done and said. And they teach us to do the same; to see the fulfilment of their words in Jesus.” (p73)

In conclusion, “Our Radiant Redeemer” is the perfect devotional for Lent this year, I am very much looking forward to being blessed by it as I walk slowly and prayerfully through the spiritual season of Lent.

*Disclaimer: TGBC kindly provided me a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

Feb. 15, 2024

“A wonderful resource for Lent”

Tim Chester always writes with such warmth and clarity and I've loved his books for a couple of decades now.
The transfiguration might seem an odd choice for Lent, but as Chester says, it "provides its own distinctive camera angle from which to view the cross and resurrection."
Meditating on Christ's glory for 40 days? What could be better?

Feb. 13, 2024

“Thoughtful, Clear Meditations on the Transfiguration”

This Lent devotional explores the story of Jesus's transfiguration. As Tim Chester explains at the beginning of the book, many Christians aren't very familiar with the gospel accounts of the Transfiguration or don't know what they mean. Chester encourages his readers to see the glory of God revealed through this transcendent story, and he unpacks the accounts from different gospels in each section of this book. Chester helps his readers understand each narrative, compares and contrasts these different accounts of the same story, and draws parallels to the Old Testament throughout.

This book features daily readings for the season of Lent, and Chester structured each section based on the weeks of Lent. However, this book is also appropriate for devotional reading at any time of year. The devotional readings are each a few pages long, and they draw out key ideas from the different Scriptural texts about the transfiguration, taking each section in turn. Each day's reading ends with reflection and meditation opportunities. Some of the readings end with additional Bible verses, and others share quotes from church history.

I found this book encouraging and clarifying, and I would recommend it to people who want to understand more about the Transfiguration and its significance to the Christian faith. However, I personally would have preferred this if it had been a straightforward study of the topic, without all of the breaks and repetitive elements of devotional readings. I think that the devotional format is better suited to different reflections on a related theme, rather than exposition through biblical narratives. Nonetheless, this will be a great fit for people who want short daily meditations on the subject.

Note: I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Feb. 13, 2024


The season of Lent is upon us. I was so grateful to receive this beautifully curated devotional by Tim Chester. ♥️

If you haven’t picked up a devotional yet, it’s not too late, and this would make a wonderful option.

Tim has created such a unique resource, focusing specifically on the significance of Jesus’ transfiguration, highlighting the radiant glory of our Redeemer. I’ve not seen this focus in a lent devotional before, so I appreciated this fresh take and have found it to be theologically rich, inspiring and enlightening. 👏

As a result, this devotional also doesn’t necessarily need to be used during Lent. It could be used at any time of the year ☺️

However, for those using it for Lent, it provides 47 daily devotions, taking you right through to Easter Sunday. Each day focuses on a scripture reference, Tim’s reflection and a meditation (additional scripture references or quotes). I particularly enjoyed these quotes, which were all beautifully poetic and weighty in meaning, taken from great historic writers. 🙌

Feb. 11, 2024

“An illuminating read”

Tim Chester's new book, Our Radiant Redeemer, is a devotional for Lent with daily reflections on Jesus' transfiguration. Published by the Good Book Company, this book provides 47 devotionals to be read from the beginning of Lent to Easter Sunday.

The entirety of the book is brief and divided into seven sections. Each devotional is concise, revealing and pointing you to the person of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Each comes with a scripture reading for the day and prompts for reflection and meditation, making it perfect not only for personal devotion but also for group study.

Chester did a great job in mining the depths of Jesus' transfiguration and what it means to us believers. As he noted, "The transfiguration did not provide new information for Jesus. Instead, it revealed his divine glory." He adds, "Jesus is on his way to the cross, and the disciples will see him suffer horribly. It will seem as if his life is ending in failure, but the memory of the transfiguration will fortify their faith." (p. 48)

If you are looking for a solid devotional this Lent, Tim Chester's Our Radiant Redeemer is an illuminating read and will draw you to our glorious Savior. Highly recommended!

Feb. 5, 2024

“Helpful devotional for Lent but great for the whole year”

Our Radiant Redeemer; Lent Devotions on the Transfiguration of Jesus by Tim Chester. This book is a devotional for Lent and is split into different sections for each week of Lent. Here is a breakdown of what you can except;
Beginning of Lent - What radiant means
Week 1 -Radiant Person of Jesus
Week 2 - Radiant Words of Jesus
Week 3 - Radiant Love of Jesus
Week 4 - Radiant Passion of Jesus
Week 5 - Radiant Victory of Jesus
Holy Week and Easter Sunday - Radiant and Transformed

At the end of each day there is a Bible verse or quote for additional meditation over the discussion for that day. I personally, wished that all of the meditation sections were Bible verses, but did learn of new people in some of the quotes that were given so I still appreciated having that section.

All in all, after reading this book I was encouraged in my walk with God and was so thankful for the cross and resurrection. I know I already finished this book, but I do plan to give it another read as we step into the season of Lent.

Thank you to the Good Book Company for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Jan. 24, 2024

“Wonderful devotional”

✨New Lent Devotional✨

Our Radiant Redeemer: Lent Devotions on the Transfiguration of Jesus By Tim Chester

“We become more like Jesus - we’re transformed into his image - by looking at his beauty. Looking at Jesus leads to being captivated by Jesus, and this in turn leads to becoming more like Jesus. We’re changed by contemplating the glory of Jesus.”

📚 About the book…
“This devotional looks at the transfiguration of Jesus in depth, giving readers a glorious lens through which to view Jesus during Lent and Easter.” (Publisher)

Tim gives a brief introduction into Lent and how the Transfiguration is both relevant and worthy of exploring during this important season in the Christian tradition. The book is broken up further into six sections:

• The Radiant Person of Jesus
• The Radiant Words of Jesus
• The Radiant Love of Jesus
• The Radiant Passion of Jesus
• The Radiant Victory of Jesus
• Radiant and Transformed

Each daily devotional concludes with prayers and reflection points for meditation.

Publisher: The Good Book Company
Genre: Lent Devotions
Themes: Growing in our intimate knowledge and love for God, Devotional Theology, and the Transfiguration

🌷 What I liked…
I really enjoyed the beautiful prayers at the end of each devotional, as well as the prompts to reflect and meditate 🙏🏻

✨This book is for you if…
You desire to know and love God more, and are interested in the Transfiguration. This book would be excellent to read as a Bible study/devotional at any time of the year!

📖Why Devotionals?
While devotionals are not always necessary, and digging into God’s word directly is the most important reading we can do, this book is a valuable resource and great for individual or family use for all who desire to glorify and enjoy God. This book would also be great in a small group setting.

Jan. 15, 2024

“The Glory of God in Christ”

Where can you find the light of Christ? In Our Radiant Redeemer, Tim Chester takes you through Lent devotions on the transfiguration of Jesus.

A Guide to God

Like a true daily devotional, this book provides 47 daily reflections to be read from the beginning of Lent to Easter Sunday. Chester takes you by the hand as a guide who has seen God in his Word. You will see the person, words, love, passion, and victory of Jesus.

The Glory of God in Christ

What this book surprised me with is how well works as a Bible study. Chester asks good questions of the text and causes you to find the biblical answers. You will be transformed as you take God’s word to task. This book will beautifully show you the glory of God in Christ.

I received a media copy of Our Radiant Redeemer and this is my honest review.

Jan. 14, 2024

“Valuable tool”

This book is a transformative devotional that explores the significance of the transfiguration during Lent and Easter. Through insightful reflections and prayer prompts, readers are invited to encounter Jesus in all his glory and be transformed by his light. This devotional is a valuable resource for deepening one's understanding of the transfiguration and its significance in the Christian faith. Tim Chester's eloquent writing and engaging prompts make this devotional a powerful tool for reflection, prayer, and worship.

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Our Radiant Redeemer | Tim Chester |
$15.99 $13.59