Spiritual Healthcheck (ebook)

Spiritual Healthcheck ebook

16 steps to a thriving Christian life

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16 short devotions helping Christians to see where and how they can grow in their faith and joy.

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We all need a spiritual healthcheck from time to time. These 16 devotions will help you to see where and how to grow in faith and joy.

This book will: help you to diagnose how you’re (honestly) doing in your faith; give you the “vitamins” you need—God’s ways of helping you to thrive; and point you to the one who enables you to really grow—the Holy Spirit.

Give yourself a spiritual healthcheck and ask for God's help to make you more like Christ. There's no better way to start the new year.

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  • 1. What is spiritual health?
  • 2. Diagnosis: In love?
  • 3. Diagnosis: Grateful?
  • 4. Diagnosis: Excited?
  • 5. Diagnosis: Committed?
  • 6. Diagnosis: Godly?
  • 7. Take your vitamins
  • 8. Learning to pray
  • 9. Health food
  • 10. Church health
  • 11. Christ in creation
  • 12. The gift of suffering
  • 13. The family doctor
  • 14. The grower of fruit
  • 15. The giver of gifts
  • 16. Healthy living


Author Carl Laferton
ISBN 9781784983222
Format eBook
First published December 2017
Language English
Pages 64
Publisher The Good Book Company

Dave Furman

Senior Pastor of Redeemer Church Dubai; author of Being There

How are you doing spiritually? That's not an easy question to consider, but it might be the most important question each of us ought to answer. Spiritual Healthcheck is a help to Christians to evaluate our spiritual health and get a proper reading on the pulse of our spiritual hearts. This book is so helpful that I'm already thinking about ways to get all the members in our church to read it!

Courtney Reissig

Author of Glory in the Ordinary and The Accidental Feminist

Carl Laferton has provided a gift to the church in encouraging believers to see how God is working and providing hope for change. Like many believers, I have often wondered if I am growing as a Christian. The daily pressures of life, coupled with my own sin, can make it difficult to see the work that God is doing. "Spiritual Healthcheck" is a needed tool designed to help believers diagnose and treat their own spiritual health. Great to read with a friend or read it on your own.

Tim Lane

President, Institute for Pastoral Care; author of Living Without Worry

Carl Laferton has provided a way for you to check the health of your soul and see what you need to be spiritually healthy. The strength of the book is the accessible, interactive, concise format. Read it for yourself and give plenty of copies to your friends and family.

Customer reviews


“Very challenging”

(Review written for 'Spiritual Healthcheck')

We are studying the book as a home group and are finding it very challenging. We thought we were doing OK but the searchlight of the questions shows us how much further we have to go.


“Inspiring and practical”

(Review written for 'Spiritual Healthcheck')

This little book is a really helpful resource that looks at our personal spiritual health in a fresh, inspiring and practical way. The structure lends itself to a personal devotional time or use in a small group. I found the short and to-the-point commentary really helpfully as it took familiar passages and themes but opened up a new dimension for me. It came recommended to me and I am very happy to recommend it on!


“A must read for Christians to apply to their lives as they follow Jesus.”

(Review written for 'Spiritual Healthcheck')

I used this last January when it was in the Explore notes and found it so helpful and practical and bought 3 copies of the book for friends when it was published. A great book to help us in our walk with God.


“A must read for anyone needing encouragement to keep going in the Christian life.”

(Review written for 'Spiritual Healthcheck')

I found this spiritual checkup so good and helpful when it was in the Explore notes last January so was delighted to see it published in book form. I bought three to give to friends and they’re pleased as like everyone we all struggle at some time in our walk with God. I highly recommend this book which reminds us of what the Lord Jesus has done for us and encourages us to keep going in a clear, practical and helpful way.



(Review written for 'Spiritual Healthcheck')

Just bought this and received it in the post. Unpacked it, thought, "that looks interesting" and then got so caught up in it I have in fact skimmed through it cover to cover. Looks terrific! Certainly one for church ministers to apply to themselves and give away in congregations... Really helpful, concise and clear.

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