Starting out in Children's Ministry

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Packed with encouragement and essential skills for anyone involved in leading or helping with children's ministry or Sunday School

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“I’m going to be a brilliant children’s leader. God is lucky to have me!”

Is this you? If so, this isn’t the book for you. But maybe you’re the opposite? You’re a bit nervous about getting involved with children, you've had no formal training and you’re not sure that God can use you to do anything much.

If so, this book will encourage you, give you some essential (and simple) skills, and thrill you with the joy and privilege of sharing the good news about Jesus with the next generation, whether you've been doing it for a long time or are just starting out.

If you are a children's worker, why not suggest this book to your team of volunteers, many of whom may not have had any formal training?

Alison Mitchell is convinced that teaching young people about Jesus is the best job in the world. She has trained literally thousands of children's workers over the past 30 years and is passionate about helping others to get as excited about children's ministry as she is.

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  • How to use this book
  • 1: The chapter everyone wants to read first
  • 2: Why children's ministry?
  • 3: Why you?
  • 4: Being part of a team
  • 5: Digging into the Bible
  • 6: Focus the fun
  • 7: Staying safe
  • 8: The best job in the world!


Author Alison Mitchell
ISBN 9781784980153
Format Paperback
First published 2016
Dimensions 6" x 9" x 0.2"
Language English
Pages 80
Publisher The Good Book Company

Here is a great book for those working with children. It allows the Bible to shape its thinking while being wonderfully practical: this is distilled wisdom from a master-practitioner. There are so many strengths:
• it shows how a Bible passage can be broken down and taught, inspiring confidence to have a go
• the layout is in short, easy-to-read chapters
• the material could easily be used for Sunday School training - there is free team-training material on the Good Book website
• it could be used by any size of church.
I could go on. Suffice to say why not buy it and see for yourself.  I know of nothing better and cannot praise it too highly.

Ian Fry

Families Pastor and former director of Youth and Children's Ministry at Oak Hill College

If you're in children's ministry and you're tired, confused, or discouraged, pick this book up. I found myself highlighting every concise, wisdom-filled, Christ-centered chapter. For those starting out in children's ministry, it's my #1 recommendation.

Nicholas T McDonald

Student Pastor and Author of Faker

What a joy to find such a short book that packs so much in! From cover to cover, there is everything a new Sunday School leader needs to start thrilling children with Jesus Christ. I will be using this book to train our young leaders, one to one, a chapter at a time. Thank you!

Ed Drew

Children's Worker, Dundonald Church, UK

Independent reviews

Gave me fresh joy and heaps of help

Robin Ham, September 5th 2016

The book is only eight chapters, each one short and sweet, but between them they cover a rich sweep of pretty much everything you’d want introduced. Ranging from the general (‘Why Children’s Ministry?’) to the specific (‘Digging into the Bible’ and ‘Staying safe’), they’re an engaging blend of input, questions & activities, personal examples and prayer points.... continue reading

Kids' Company?

Sara Reid, Evangelicals Now, May 1st 2016

It is short, easy to read and engaging. Alison lays out the biblical basis for our work with children in church and the book is full of sensible and practical ideas. She honestly recognizes that many children’s workers worry about issues of discipline, and helpfully explains that this is not a separate issue, but underlies our planning, teamwork and enabling children to focus on and hear the gospel. Throughout the book there are helpful ‘discipline tips’ and a focus on praying for the children that we know through regular ‘prayer pauses’ in each chapter. It is so good to be encouraged to pray for the children in our groups even while reading the book.... continue reading

Customer reviews

“An excellent book for all involved in children's work”

This is an excellent book that I buy to give to volunteer children's workers and use it in training. It is suitable for those who are starting out as well as those with many years' experience.



An excellent book, that presents information in a clear and concise way with points for us to think about, and take action on.


“Super training resource”

This book is simple and clear, and could be used by those just starting out in Children’s Ministry, or those who have been doing it a while and want to reflect on what they’re doing. I love that it starts by considering biblical principles which we can apply to children’s work before moving on to some more practical considerations. With loads of great tips and ideas, all written in a clear and accessible way, this is a super training resource.



This book hits a great balance between being simple yet comprehensive.

Simple in that it's not a massive read (I read it with friends in a 3 hour block...which included lots of tea and laughter). It's simple in that it tackles the basics of Children's ministry.

And yet - though simple, it's comprehensive in what it covers, both biblically and practically.

This book is suitable for those new in children's ministry, apprentices and for those currently involved.

Worth reading alone, in a small group or in sections as part of your team planning meetings.

You'll not regret making time to read this book.


“Great book!”

I thought this book was great! It's well written, easy to read and so helpful. Brilliant as a reminder for people who've been working with children for years. Brilliant as a way of training beginners. I'm going to keep dipping in and out of it. I'm going to use it to encourage others. I'm going to use it to make sure I'm on track. Thanks!


“Practical, clear and full of wisdom ”

This is a really accessible book for both new and experienced leaders. It would be a brilliant resources to give out to your team of children's leaders/helpers. It's really down-to-earth and full of the wisdom that comes from many years of experience as well as, of course, God's word. Highly recommended.


“Really helpful”

I bought this thinking I might be able to adapt it in some way to help with my children's team training and lo and behold there's a download of possible training sessions based on the book! Even by itself the book is great - thanks for the extra effort to make even easier for me to use with my team,


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Starting out in Children's Ministry | Alison Mitchell | $11.99 $10.79