The God of Amazing Gifts (ebook)

The God of Amazing Gifts ebook

Family Devotions For Advent

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Advent devotional to help the whole family get even more excited about Jesus, God’s greatest Christmas gift.

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As you wrap, give, and receive gifts over Advent and Christmas, use this devotional to focus your whole family on the reason behind it all—the generous and gracious character of God and the goodness of his greatest gift, Jesus.

These 25 devotions use Scripture to explore the other amazing gifts we receive through faith in Jesus and how we can be generous too.

This step-by-step guide is perfect for families who want to dig deeper into the Bible this Advent. It includes study and application questions for children and teens at various ages and stages of faith, simple prayers, and extra creative ideas.

Can also be used for Homeschool Co-ops.

Written by Lizzie Laferton, author of There's a Lion in My Nativity and co-author of The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross Sunday School Lessons.

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  • 1. Best Gift Ever
  • 2. The Greatest Giver
  • 3. Thanks or No Thanks?
  • 4. A Very Old Promise
  • 5. What Sort of Giver?
  • 6. Just What We Need
  • 7. Christmas Presence
  • 8. How to Receive
  • 9. Out with the Old
  • 10. Joy That Lasts
  • 11. For the Whole Family
  • 12. Worth the Cost
  • 13. Undeserved
  • 14. The Gift of the Future
  • 15. God with Us
  • 16. Family Conversation
  • 17. Gifts for Today
  • 18. When Gifts Don’t Seem Good
  • 19. Giving Like God
  • 20. Giving up and Taking on
  • 21. Not Ours to Keep
  • 22. Gifts for God’s People
  • 23. Giving That God Loves
  • 24. Giving Ourselves
  • CHRISTMAS DAY: God's Christmas Gift
  • Extra Ideas


Age range: 7 - 14
Contributors Lizzie Laferton
ISBN 9781784987947
Format eBook
First published October 2022
Case quantity 50
Language English
Pages 128
Publisher The Good Book Company

John Hindley

Pastor, Broadgrace Church, Norfolk, UK; Author, Serving Without Sinking and You Can Really Grow

This book is truly a gift to families, for two reasons. The first is that fixes our eyes, and those of our children, on our gift-giving Lord. In the middle of plays, parties, presents, relatives and all the rest of the Christmas chaos, we need our eyes and hearts set on Christ. Lizzie Laferton’s deep and unfussy approach to the Bible leads us straight to Jesus and to his generous Father. The second reason to use these family devotions is that they are flexible enough to suit any family and simple enough to pick up and use without preparing beforehand. This will be a gift to your family.

Linda Allcock

Author, Head, Heart, Hands and Deeper Still

This helpful resource kick-started our (flagging) family devotions, and in the words of my son, ‘helped me to worship Jesus more’. As a parent, you could not ask for more from a devotional!

Jeff and Sarah Walton

Authors, Together Through the Storms

In a winsome and down-to-earth way, Lizzie Laferton’s Advent devotional offers a compelling and beautiful picture of who Jesus is and why he is the greatest gift and Gift-Giver of all. These devotions will leave you in wonder and awe of our Savior.

Customer reviews


“Helpful Advent Resource for Families”

(Review written for 'The God of Amazing Gifts')

The God of Amazing Gifts is an Advent devotional for families by children’s book author, Lizzie Laferton. In this devotional, Laferton helps families focus on God, the greatest Gift-Giver. The book’s introduction guides parents on how best to use the book and states that it is designed for families with children ages 7-14. Each devotional begins with a prayer and then questions to engage children in the Bible reading. I really enjoyed seeing Laferton’s thoughtfulness and creativity in reading the questions she created.

An example of this is found in the content for Day 1 which focuses on Psalm 63. The intro states, “What is the best Christmas present you can imagine receiving? Now picture yourself hiding in a cave in a dry and lifeless desert, on the run from someone who wants to kill you. What would be at the top of your gift list then? As we open the Bible today, We’ll find ourselves hearing from someone who knew exactly what that is like: King David. As we read the first verse of Psalm 63 together, listen out for what David thought is the best possible gift,” (pg. 13).

Each devotional has the Scripture text for that day’s reading printed out which is really helpful. The content also includes a variety of questions about the Scripture reading with some questions for younger children and some for older ones so parents can choose which ones best suit their families. Although The God of Amazing Gifts is intended for families with children who are a bit older than mine, I’m thankful for it and believe it will benefit my family even now while our kids are younger.

I received The God of Amazing Gifts compliments of The Good Book Company in exchange for my honest review.


“Fantastic book”

(Review written for 'The God of Amazing Gifts')

Lizzie I really like your book.

Its very easy to use and to understand . There are plenty of helpful questions and it's faithful to the bible passages and there are definitions provided for tricky words and prayers for each day. You did an amazing job!!! 👌 Wow


“Lovely Advent Devotional for the Whole Family”

(Review written for 'The God of Amazing Gifts')

I'm a big fan of family devotionals for advent and have bought every year of Ed Drew's Faith in Kids devotionals recently to read and recommend to the parents in our church. Seeing that he recommends this one made me interested!

Laferton's new devotional seems very easy to use (although I won't have a chance to properly try it for the next couple of months!). There are plenty of helpful questions and I could see myself recommending this to parents as it's faithful to the bible passages and is both easy enough for a young child and challenging/interesting enough for an older child, perhaps around 11 years old. There are definitions provided for tricky words and prayers for each day.

My one wish is that there was something extra every day to add to the questions in the study itself to introduce the theme, perhaps a short activity, craft, game or similar, especially for those children who might find listening and asking questions a little tricky for long periods of time. There are extra ideas at the back which give a few ideas of what extra things you could do, but it would work even better if they were in the daily devotionals themselves I think.


“Generous and Gracious”

(Review written for 'The God of Amazing Gifts')

How can you lead your children to our God who gives good gifts? In The God of Amazing Gifts, Lizzie Laferton helps you lead your family devotions for Advent.

This 125-page book is a resource for families who want to focus their gaze on the Gift-Giver. Featuring 25 devotions, it is a full guide to discovering God. The book is divided into four parts: (1) God the Gift-Giver, (2) God’s Christmas Gift, (3) God’s Gifts to Us, and (4) Our Gifts to Give. Two sets of questions are provided for different ages, with questions for application and sample prayers.

Generous and Gracious
I was most happy to see that this book stresses the idea that God’s is generous and gracious. The devotion on Day 13 focuses on Ephesians 2, recognizing the fact that we cannot earn and we do not deserve God’s gifts. I also appreciated how the book asks you to make applications together as a family, thinking through how you can pray and make plans together.

Definitions to help you explain Scripture are included throughout, and extra ideas are included at the back for family activities and encouraging conversations. This book will help your kids see that we are all children who are grateful for God’s good gifts.

I received a media copy of The God of Amazing Gifts and this is my honest review.



(Review written for 'The God of Amazing Gifts')

I'm always on the look out for good advent devotionals for our family and this one was just wonderful.

Laferton structures the book with four parts that include twenty four chapters. The conclusion involves the final Christmas Day. Her introduction goes through the process of using the devotional for your family. Although she states the most appropriate age for children is 7-14, I do believe it can be adapted to fit younger or older children.

Each devotional follows the same format throughout the entire book:

- Scripture

- Prayer

- Question & Discussion

- Applicable Question

- Final Prayer

Each question section has different options that lean towards a specific age group. This allows the family to choose which is most appropriate for their children.

Although the daily devotions didn't include hands on activities, Laferton did include an appendix that provides a plethora of different ideas to utilize for each devotion. These ideas range from specific activities to further discussion.

This will be a fun devotional for all level of families during the advent season.

I received a copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.

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