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The Holy Spirit

Understanding His work in our lives

from 16 reviews

See how your life can and should be changed and shaped by the Spirit of God.

Part of the Good Book Guides series.

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You may have heard a lot about the Holy Spirit... or very little. Christians and churches seem divided over this issue. Some are always talking about gifts of the Spirit, baptism of the Spirit, Spirit-filled people and so on. In other circles, the Spirit seems to be rarely mentioned.

There are plenty of books around that will claim to offer insight into the work of the Spirit... but what does the Bible actually say on the subject?

This Good Book Guide has been put together from a survey of every single verse in the Bible that mentions the Holy Spirit and His activity. It will help you discover what God's Word means when it talks about being 'filled with' or 'led by' the Spirit. Or the differences between the Spirit's work in the Old and New Testaments. You may be in for some surprises!

But most of all, this Good Book Guide will show how your life can and should be changed and shaped by the Spirit of God, who gives us life, and brings glory to Jesus Christ.

Please note: These studies take slightly longer than a typical Good Book Guide study.

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  • Introduction

  • 1. The Spirit and the Bible
    2. The Spirit and the Old Testament
    3. Baptized with the Spirit
    4. The Gift of the Spirit
    5. Led by the Spirit
    6. Filled with the Spirit
    7. Gifts of the Spirit
    8. The Spirit and You

  • Leaders' Guide

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Contributors Pete Woodcock, Anne Woodcock
ISBN 9781905564217
Format Paperback
Dimensions 5.5" x 8.3" x 0.2"
Weight 4.34 oz
Print size 9.0pt
Case quantity 96
Language English
Pages 96
No. of studies 8
Publisher The Good Book Company

Other information

The Good Book Guides have been developed to ensure that each session not only seeks to uncover the meaning of the passage and see how it fits into the big picture of the Bible, but also leads people to apply what they have learned to their lives. Flexible and practical, the Good Book Guides are ideal for small groups, or individual study.

"The format is very user-friendly and the content is rich and accessible."
- Justin Taylor, Gospel Coalition blogger and Vice-President of Editorial, Crossway

"God-centered, application-oriented, and driven by the text throughout, this resource is a gift to God’s church."
- Matt Smethurst, Gospel Coalition reviewer and Master of Divinity student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Here at Covenant Life Church, we have greatly benefitted from the small group resources from The Good Book Company. Many small groups in our family life ministry have used "Colossians: Confident Christianity" in their study of scripture. Additionally, our youth ministry has used "Romans 1-5: God and You" in their small groups. Both resources were very easy to use, helped the reader engage directly with the scriptures, and had a wonderful pastoral emphasis demonstrated in all the questions.
- Dave Brewer, Youth Pastor at Covenant Life Church, Maryland

Customer reviews

June 13, 2022


Perfect for our bible study group. We have been using the Good Book co for years and years and they never disappoint. in their delivery and the quality of the contents of their book is outstanding. we hope to have their excellent relationship for many years to come.

Sept. 21, 2021

“Well round study of the Holy Spirit”

This study series gave our women's study group a well-rounded biblically based understanding of the Holy Spirit himself, and how He has worked in biblical prophets and teachers, on behalf of Jesus and through Christians. At times the tables to be completed were somewhat tedious and repetitive in content, however a good study leader can prep this well to guide the group quickly through. The leader's guide was particularly insightful. Some bible references were a little limiting and I would encourage other study leaders to prep & read passages in context and expand references as required so that the relevant passage make more sense. Overall our group all said they grew in the knowledge of the Holy Spirit and in their faith as a result of this doing this study.

Oct. 7, 2010

“Good, but maybe biased to a baptistic viewpoint”

Excellenr study, very analytical.
Some comments however do reveal a baptisic standpoint. Which is fine..if you're a Baptist!

July 3, 2010

“Seriously flawed guide to the work of the Holy Spirit”

One of the stated aims of this study guide is to correct widely held misunderstandings about the work of the Holy Spirit. By simply equating the baptism in/with the Holy Spirit with the new birth (becoming a Christian), however, it falls into basic error of its own that flies in the face of the testimony of the scriptures (especially Acts) and of the experience of Spirit-filled Christians the world over. The New Testament contains strong warnings against quenching or grieving the Holy Spirit. Anyone using this guide should be extremely wary of its teachings and pray for revelation from the Holy Spirit Himself.

June 17, 2010

“harder than we thought it would be”

Our homegroup have found this study to be quite challenging but we have all enjoyed it.

May 12, 2010

“In Depth Study”

We bought this book to study in our Women’s Bible study group. We are a mixed group of about 13 ladies in our 20’s – 80’s. There are 8 studies in total.
These studies are an in depth look at the Holy Spirit and are excellent for teaching the biblical view, role and purpose of the Spirit. I would recommend them for anyone wanting to know more about the Holy Spirit from a Biblical point of view, and are suitable for new Christians and old timers alike. For our group it was useful to reaffirm knowledge and for others to correct false teaching.
The one problem our group had was due to the in depth nature of the study we found they were a bit long for the time we had (45 mins). There are several tables to fill in, which are good for giving a cross-reference but took a lot of time to do. I would suggest you would need at least an hour to give this proper study.
I have to rated the studies 5* because the content is excellent and we all commented that we’d learnt a lot from doing the study together.

Dec. 5, 2008

“Thorough and in-depth”

A great, in-depth set of challenging studies. May need adaptation for use in some small groups as studies could be somewhat lengthy for chatty groups.

Oct. 11, 2008

“A great guide covering many different aspects of the Holy Spirit”

I really enjoyed studying this guide, found it very useful, and would recommend it.

April 19, 2008

“very good”

We used this resource in our Bible Study Group and found the in-depth study of the Holy Spirit most helpful in promoting discussion and extending our understanding.

Dec. 2, 2007

“Challenging, Eye-opening, and God-gloryfying”

I bought these studies primarily because I thought my biblical knowledge and love for the Holy Spirit was not where it should have been.
Not only has it revealed to me the influence of the Spirit in areas of the Bible that I hadn't previously noticed it, it has given me a completely new appreciation of the Spirit's work in passages that I have known for years.

I have used these studies on my own, but they are designed to be used in groups as well. The questions are not patronising, but they are also not overly demanding. They definitely make you think, and are rewarding because of this.

There are 8 studies, which would all probably take an hour or so to work through properly, but you can split them up if you don't have an hour on your hands. I might have had to weigh the quality of these studies against the price, but for £3 that really isn't necessary. Top stuff.

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The Holy Spirit | Pete Woodcock, Anne Woodcock |
$8.99 $7.64