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Truth For Life - Volume 2 (ebook)

Truth For Life - Volume 2 ebook

365 Daily Devotions

from 11 reviews

A second volume of 365 Christ-centered daily devotions from renowned Bible teacher Alistair Begg.

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Start with the gospel each and every day with this second volume of 365 Christ-centered daily devotions from renowned Bible teacher Alistair Begg.

Each daily devotion includes:
• reflections from renowned Bible teacher Alistair Begg
• prompts for real-life application
• relevant Scripture passages
• a yearly Bible-reading plan

The durable hardback cover with dust jacket and ribbon marker make this a wonderful gift.

We all need to be reminded of the truth that anchors our life and excites and equips us to live for Christ. Reflecting on a short passage each day, Alistair spans the Scriptures to show us the greatness and grace of God, and to thrill our hearts to live as His children. His clear, faithful exposition and thoughtful application mean that this resource will both engage your mind and stir your heart.

Alistair Begg is the Bible teacher of Truth For Life ministry. His is one of the most recognizable Christian voices on the radio today. This resource delivers his warm, faithful teaching in the form of concise daily devotions. Alistair grew up and ministered in Scotland before moving to Ohio, where he is the Senior Pastor of Parkside Church in Chagrin Falls.

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  • Introduction
    365 daily devotions, spanning the Scriptures


Contributors Alistair Begg
ISBN 9781784987961
Format eBook
First published October 2022
Case quantity 50
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

Tim Challies

Blogger; author, Seasons of Sorrow

If you are looking for wise and perceptive guidance to help you see and experience the deep impact of God’s words in Scripture, you will love this devotional. Each day’s reflection is a gem, focusing the light of the chosen Scripture text onto our thinking, our affections and our behaviour. I cannot imagine it being read without benefit! (Commenting on Volume 1)

Keith and Kristyn Getty

Hymnwriters; Authors, Sing!

These devotions will help you praise when you are celebrating, will comfort you when you are struggling, will encourage you when you are doubting, and will be a balm when you are hurting. Each day, Alistair points to the glory and goodness of God as He reveals Himself to us in His word. Whoever you are, there is rich treasure for you in this book. (Commenting on Volume 1)

Carl R Trueman

Dept. Chair of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary, Author, Pastor and Ref21 blogger

The discipline of daily Bible-reading is one that is always in danger of becoming routine or a chore. That is where a good devotional guide can be helpful in keeping the familiar stories and teachings of Scripture fresh and thought-provoking. Alistair Begg has produced one such volume. Like Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening, this is not a guide to extended passages of Scripture but a series of reflections on particular verses touching particular aspects of the faith. Each one is designed to make the Christian think more clearly, love God more fervently, and act in ways that are more godly. For those looking for a book that will reinvigorate their devotions, this book might well be it. (Commenting on Volume 1)

Customer reviews

July 24, 2023

“Wonderful devotional”

(Review written for 'Truth for Life - Volume 2')

I love this book, and so often it is just what I need to hear. I have copies of both devotionals and have given some to friends. I love Alistair’s teaching, and join the livestream from his church in Cleveland Ohio each Sunday. His knowledge of God’s Word is great, and his teaching so uplifting in these dark days in which we find ourselves.Both books are beautifully bound. Thankyou.

March 9, 2023

“Great Family Worship Resource”

(Review written for 'Truth for Life - Volume 2')

My family loves Volume 1 of this devotional and uses it for our morning family worship.

We have been blessed by Alistair Begg's books and teachings over the years and are so thankful for this Volume 2 of a convicting and edifying devotional.

This devotional is a great resource for personal devotional time, as well (alongside your Bible reading)

Each day has a scripture passage then a reflection to follow. I enjoy this format and Begg's insight and commentary are deep and will have you pondering on the truths of scripture throughout the day.

I received a free copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.

Jan. 28, 2023

“Excellent Review”

(Review written for 'Truth for Life - Volume 2')

I received Truth for Life Volume 1 last year as a Christmas gift. I enjoyed reading each days devotion and insight by Begg and I just had to purchase Volume 2.to continue with Begg in 2023. A greater writer and interpreter of scripture. Thank you.

Jan. 17, 2023

“Great Devotional For 2023”

(Review written for 'Truth for Life - Volume 2')

Many devotional books tend to be inspirational in nature and not very biblically rich. Truth For Life Volume Two is not one of these devotionals. For decades Pastor Begg has been known for biblically faithful preaching and its practical application for the Christian life. Truth For Life is specifically designed to encourage the reader to grow deep in God’s word and apply it practically to their daily lives. This is accomplished in three ways. First, each devotion consists of biblically rich material based around the text selected for each day. Second, the book provides practical application through a feature found at the end of each devotion consisting of three questions. These questions point the reader to practical application of the biblical text in one’s head, heart, and hands. Third, the book provides daily Bible reading plan that encourages deeper study in God’s word.

Dec. 14, 2022


(Review written for 'Truth for Life - Volume 2')

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"
I use this saying to describe this devotional because it follows the same pattern as the first volume.
I really enjoyed the first volume, so much so that I have bought it multiple times for people on their birthdays and I will do the same with this volume as I think it is the perfect gift for those who love devotionals.
The cover once again is very aesthetically pleasing and the content it contains is even more pleasing as it enriches the soul.
There are 365 readings, one for each day, which makes it a great Christmas present as the person can then begin on January 1st and read throughout the year.
What is great about this devotion is that it is built not to take place of your Bible reading but rather to supplement it as an addition in your day. Alistair Begg does a good job of wanting to encourage people to have a love for God's word by not only providing his thoughts by expounding on scripture but also by providing a daily Bible reading plan at the bottom of each page to encourage the reader to read the Bible in a year.
Along with each reading are symbols of head, heart and hands which was also found in the first volume.
These are in place to have you question as you read:

* How is God calling me to think differently?
* How is God reordering my hearts affections - what I love?
* What is God calling me to do as I go about my day today?

This is very helpful when reading to encourage us to be not only hearers of the word, but doer's.

I highly recommend this devotional and give it 5 stars!

Dec. 13, 2022

“More Than Your Average Devotional”

(Review written for 'Truth for Life - Volume 2')

Truth for Life by Alistair Begg is probably one of the best devotionals available. It's more than just fluffy feel good commentary.

Each day's devotion includes the same format:
-Begg's Commentary
-Additional Scripture Reading

This devotional encourages you to spend more time in God's word than in the words that Begg has written.
*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my review.

Oct. 19, 2022

“Great Biblical Devotional”

(Review written for 'Truth for Life - Volume 2')

I tend to read through the Bible passage by passage, but thought that I would try Begg's devotional which jumps around different parts of the Bible and gives you a thought for the day. As with the first volume that I've been using for a while, this second volume guides you towards a simple point that will spur us on in the day.

Unlike many devotional books, instead of lots of personal stories and then a quick reference to the text, Begg spends a lot of the time working through an exposition of the passage before suggesting an application. It's a great way to start or end the day.

The print quality and binding are also great quality, which is a must if I'm going to carry it around with me in my bag to work for a year!

Oct. 17, 2022

“Feed Your Soul”

(Review written for 'Truth for Life - Volume 2')

In Truth for Life Vol. 2, The Good Book Company presents 365 daily devotions by Alistair Begg. Housed in a stunning red hardback cover, it would make a great Christmas gift to stay Christ-centered in the new year.

Get More of God
At just under 400 pages, this is an exceptional resource to get more of God in your quiet times. Begg writes with precision and clarity, and each devotional is only a page or less of reading. But he will leave a great impact on your faith as you find time to spend in God’s word each day.

I was most impressed by the breadth of selected scriptures. Both the Old and New Testament are presented, and Begg has insight for even the shorter sentences that are found in God’s word.

Feed Your Soul
Even darker passages are hopeful when you are guided through them by Begg. Meditating on Ecclesiastes 1:14, Begg declares that our deepest sense of satisfaction is found in knowing and serving the Lord. “With Him all strivings cease, for in Him all longings are met.” Begg remains warm and encouraging throughout the devotional.

In a world that seems to get darker every day, we need the light of scripture to show us the way. Begg delivers God’s daily bread in these devotionals. Feed your soul with truth for life.

I received a media copy of Truth for Life Vol. 2 and this is my honest review.

Oct. 17, 2022

“Refreshment for the soul!”

(Review written for 'Truth for Life - Volume 2')

About a year ago, Alistair Begg released a devotional book with his ministry’s namesake called Truth For Life. This 365-day devotional published by The Good Book Company is designed to help you reflect on and apply short passages from the Bible each day. Upon its release, I am already sure that there will be succeeding volumes or at least a second one because there is number 1 indicated on the cover—meaning that it is the first volume. Being an avid reader and subscriber of Truth For Life, I am so excited that the second volume is finally here and it does not disappoint.

Looking at the physical appearance of the second volume, there is not much difference in its look. Now having a red cover, this new volume follows the same design and format as the first one. But what I like about this one is it has a better cover and paper than the previous one. It has now a cloth-over-board cover and a whiter, finer paper; whereas the first volume only had a cardstock hardback cover and a trade paper that turns brown over time. But putting these minor things aside, both volumes look fantastic and beautiful on the shelf!

As aforementioned, this new volume follows the same format as the first one—having dates, titles, and scripture texts as guides for day-to-day reading. Each devotional is at least four-paragraphs-long and includes additional Scripture passages for further study and a Bible Through The Year reading plan. These easy-to-digest devotionals are best if you read at the start of your day, even when you’re on the go. I love that they retained the head-heart-hand icons after each devotional which is its unique feature of helping you apply the word and devotional that you just read. It prompts you to think differently, reorder your heart’s affections, and do God’s will as you go about your day.

Alistair Begg’s Truth For Life devotionals are definitely among my favorites. It speaks to the mind, convicts the heart, and refreshes the soul.

Sept. 19, 2022

“great devotional”

(Review written for 'Truth for Life - Volume 2')

I had the opportunity to read Begg's first volume of Truth for Life devotional and really enjoyed it. His second volume is just as great. It is another wonderful addition to those who like devotionals.

The second volume is structured and formatted identically to the first volume. There are three hundred sixty five devotionals and although they are titled for specific days of the year - January 1st through December 31st - you can read through as you see fit in your schedule.

Each devotional follows the same format:

- Title

- Scripture Reference

- Begg's Insights

- Additional Scripture Reading

Begg's wisdom and insight is clearly shown in this second volume as much as it was in the first volume. Once again, a yearly bible scripture plan is included throughout the book.

I enjoyed reading through this devotional and his writings were saturated with Scripture, wisdom and insights.

I received a copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.

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