Helping All Ages Love God’s Delightfully Different Family

Bethany McIlrath | January 31st 2023

Kids encounter diversity just like adults do. They meet people who are different from them - in the way they look, sound, behave, and more. Differences can make kids uneasy and unsure of how to interact. 

In God’s Very Good Idea, author Trillia Newbell shows kids that we’re all different, and also all the same. Kids see that diversity is God’s design and that all people are made in his image and need his forgiveness and help to love him and love others. 

Help kids delight in the diversity of God’s family, rooted in the gospel, through this storybook version of the resource for kids ages 3 and up, or through the simpler board book version

Kids of all ages can enjoy the corresponding coloring book. A bunch of free extras can also be downloaded to help kids creatively interact with the concept of diversity alongside their family or in a Sunday School or homeschool lesson.

The Storybook for Ages 3+

Intended for kids ages 3 and up, the 32-page storybook version of this resource is large, hardback, and has paper pages. Big, beautiful illustrations fill the pages where the message is proclaimed through short paragraphs.

Families can read the book aloud, and independent early readers can read through the storybook themselves. Kids’ ministries can use the book for read-alouds, and there are full-size, full-color illustrations that can be downloaded for free to display on a big screen in large-group settings.

The Simpler Board Book Version

Smaller and sturdier, the 16-page board book takes the truths of the storybook and makes them easy to understand. The board book uses simpler versions of the illustrations and shorter sentences so toddlers and other readers who appreciate a simple format can get excited about them.

The Coloring and Activity Book

With 32 pages of coloring, puzzles, mazes and activities, this book helps readers interact more fully with the story. This coloring and activity book is an awesome present for anyone who can hold a pencil/crayon/paintbrush! 


Browse the Tales that Tell the Truth series for more activity books, board books and storybooks for all ages!

Bethany McIlrath

When Bethany isn't engrossed in a book or helping others discover their next read in her role as VP Marketing at The Good Book Company, you’ll probably find her serving with a children’s ministry, scheming about a creative adventure, or hanging out with her husband and their fuzzy "live doorbell" named Indy.

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