Dream Small

The Secret Power of the Ordinary Christian Life

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Finding contentment in Christ and pursuing the dreams he has for you.

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We are all looking for significance and meaning in our lives. The world tells us that this comes from dreaming big, achieving personal success, and making a big impact. But the Bible says that self-worth is found in knowing our Creator, and contentment is found in discovering his purpose for our lives.

This book reminds us that when we know Jesus, we are free from the world’s definition of success. We can listen to God’s word and direct our dreams towards the things that he says matter most, even if they are small and unimpressive in the world’s eyes.

Celebrate the dreams God has for us: serving others, investing in individuals, and living faithfully. Although these things seem small, their impact will be bigger, and their rewards will be better, than anything we could dream for ourselves.

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  • Chapter 1: Big Dreams, Big Frustrations
  • Chapter 2: It’s a Small World After All
  • Chapter 3: Size Matters Not
  • Chapter 4: A Small Part, a Big Story
  • Chapter 5: The Upside-Down Ladder
  • Chapter 6: Small People, Big Value
  • Chapter 7: Big Dreams Need a Small Foundation
  • Chapter 8: Small Choices, Big Changes
  • Chapter 9: Small Dreams, Big Rewards

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Contributors Seth Lewis
ISBN 9781784987725
Format Paperback
First published September 2022
Dimensions 5.1" x 7.8" x 0.4"
Case quantity 96
Language English
Pages 128
Publisher The Good Book Company

Alistair Begg

Senior Pastor, Parkside Church, Cleveland; Bible Teacher, Truth for Life

This book took hold of me in chapter one and tightened its grip until, by the end, I was compelled to take up the challenge to ‘Dream Small’. I invite you to join me.

Jen Oshman

Author, Enough About Me, Cultural Counterfeits, and Welcome

Dream Small is a needed antidote for our age. Seth Lewis re-centers us, reminding us that the great life is the faithful life. Reading this book was like spending an afternoon with a kind friend who brings you back to what’s good, beautiful, and true. I love Lewis’s writing style and stories and, most of all, his exhortation to be faithful in the small things, to love God and to love neighbor, to find freedom in dreaming small. If you have ever wondered, Am I getting this life right?, this book is for you.

Christopher Ash

Writer-in-Residence, Tyndale House, Cambridge; Author, Zeal without Burnout

Fresh, invigorating, and liberating. May it be a blessing to all of us ensnared in idolatry of the big.

Customer reviews


“What our soul longs for”

This book is such a refreshing breath of fresh air. It is full of truth from the Word of God. The world tells us to strive for more, but Lewis reminds us that we are part of the story God is writing. We don't have to strive for significance, we are already loved and cherished by God and written into His story. I highly recommend this book.


““Dream Small is short, sharp and punchy””

We live in a culture where “greatness” is the aim, and gaining 100k+ followers on Social Media means you’ve made you mark on the world and have somehow added to your self-worth. People want to be the star of their own Disney movie and “dreaming big” is the mantra of the age.

In ‘Dream Small’ Seth Lewis challenges the popular narrative of “following your dreams” and helps us to refocus our attention onto the biblical mandate that God has for ours lives, showing us that our worth is not found in the success of temporal things, but in our Creator and the purposes that He has for our lives.

The book reminds us that when we enter into relationship with Jesus, we are free from the bondage of the world’s definition of greatness and success.

Lewis encourages those in Christ to esteem and celebrate what God in His word tells us He has planned for us: serving others as Christ came to serve, living faithfully, investing in others, honouring God in the workplace and pursuing holiness.

Although the world might say “You’re not living up to your potential” or “Dream bigger!”, the Scriptures exhorts to “make it your ambition to lead a quiet life”

The book is approximately 115 pages with nine chapters. Each chapter can be read in 15 minutes or so. The book is very readable and it’s a book I’d recommend to non-believers as well as believers.

‘Dream Small’ is short, sharp and punchy, and if you’re something who puts too much stock in the world’s perceptions (which is most of us!) then this might be a good read for you.

This book was sent to me by The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review


“We Are Small, But Loved”

Is it okay to be ordinary? In Dream Small, Seth Lewis shares the secret power of the ordinary Christian life.

God’s Value System

Lewis begins by letting us know how God does not value things the way we do. When we see things from the perspective of our Creator, we realize that our dreams don’t need to define us. The love of our Creator and our Savior becomes supreme. And when we come to Jesus, he changes everything – including our dreams.

Climbing Down the Ladder of Success

In a striking analogy, Lewis explains how Jesus climbed down the ladder of success to love us. We can do the same as we learn to love others. Our identity remains secure and our future is sealed. And what’s more, climbing down the ladder actually leads to glory. In God’s eyes, becoming a servant is greater than worldly success. Jesus values those who gives their lives to love the “least of these.” When we lay down our pride and deny our penchant for disobedience, we find Jesus to be our overwhelming satisfaction and joy.

We Are Small, But Loved

This book is for those who think that bigger platforms, more money, and worldly success and achievements will bring you greater happiness and satisfy your soul. It will cause you to re-examine your life. It will shift your priorities. It will challenge the patterns of your life and change the priorities of your heart. This book will remind you of what really matters most. We are small, but loved. Freedom and joy, contentment and satisfaction, are found not in ourselves – but in Jesus.

I received a media copy of Dream Small and this is my honest review.


“An Easily Forgotten Truth”

We're so used to the story that we should dream big, trying to be the best we can be by rising to the top. Maybe that's going to the best university, getting the highest-paid job, or having the perfect family. Maybe we should have power, go into politics, or make influential friends and colleagues. But Seth Lewis reminds us that this isn't what we're called to strive for. Our significance is given to us not because of what we do but because of who we are. We're loved by our creator and find our worth in knowing him. Regardless of your power and significance to our society, you are significant to God. We're to desire knowing God more than anything else.

How refreshing! We live for our creator and not for the significance of personal success or our worldly impact. This is such an encouraging read, whether you're reflecting on your significant power or struggling with your lack of it. Lewis reminds us of what is important: the incomparable love of our creator that will never change.


“refreshing reminder”

Lewis uses this book to challenge our society's current view of success and failure. He also challenges the church's teachings on success.

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from this book but I was pleasantly surprised. His concept of dreaming small is countercultural to everything we have been taught and shown in most daily activities we partake in, including church. God has purpose for our lives and sometimes that purpose may seem insignificant to the world and to us.

Lewis structures the book with nine chapters. It's a very quick and easy read but also very challenging and eye-opening.

He challenges us to question our dreams: where are our dreams leading us and accomplishing? We have to stop emphasizing big, important dreams when God often has small, extremely impactful dreams for us. He challenges us to want and desire less but with much for focus - The Gospel focus.

Lewis' writing style is easy, relatable, and refreshing.

I received a copy of this book from The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.


“Focus on what's really important”

After showing us how truly small we are, Seth Lewis reminds us that we are valuable to God and He gives us the privilege of being part of His plan. This is so counter-cultural, but a powerful message that turns our focus to what is most important. The book is well-written and captivating.


“Full of lovely basic truths being whispered in your ear as you read”

In all walks of life there is an underlying attitude that ordinary is dull, second best or worthless. Glory is given to those who are exceptional, rightly so, but only very few people are ever in that category. So for us ordinary folk, how does that make us feel?
It is very easy for the majority of us to feel inadequate in so many ways, but in this book Seth encourages us to realign our ambitions to what actually matters. I do love the subtitle to the book “The Secret Power of the Ordinary Christian Life”. It sums up the truth that we all have power, and in fact what the world may see as ordinary, is actually impactful, effective, works out God’s plan and is powerful. Now that is encouraging!
The book’s focus is on what really matters, not what matters to the world. What matters to God brings us a true contentment. In reading it I gained a sense of perspective on my own place in the cosmos, knowing that we have a God who knows us and loves us, even in our 'smallness'.
Sometimes the book is refreshingly simple, reminding us that goodness does not have to be complicated, that the simple things in life are often the most rewarding and that our call is not to be busy, rich or famous but it is simply to be … to be ourselves ... to be a child of God. That none of us are too small, insignificant or ordinary for the Creator of the universe to love and cherish...

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Dream Small | Seth Lewis | $14.99 $12.74