Just Be Honest

How to Worship through Tears and Pray without Pretending

Learn how to voice your heartache to the Lord and experience genuine hope and joy amid grief and pain. 

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Suffering often causes deep spiritual agony. You might be left thinking, “Where is God? Why is he allowing this? Why doesn’t he do something?” And then guilt whispers to your soul, “Am I allowed to say these things? Shouldn’t I trust God without hesitation? Am I just a faithless Christian?” 

This honest, warm and personal book shows us that we don’t need to wrap up our stories of suffering with lessons and silver linings or suppress our pain. Being honest with God, and with others, about our heartache is not only “allowed” but encouraged in the Scriptures. In fact, lament is authorized by God as an act of worship. 

Weaving in his own story of pain and loss with biblical reflections, Clint Watkins shows us how lament is permitted by Jesus, shaped by Scripture, fueled by grace, and filled with hope. And when we lament as communities through worship and testimony, we minister hope to a hurting world. 

Learn how to pray without pretending by sharing your hurts with God. As you draw near to the Father, experience genuine hope and joy amid grief and pain.

A great gift for Christians who are suffering and a useful resource for church leaders and others who are walking alongside them.

Clint Watkins is a missionary to college students.

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  • Introduction: Hurting with God

    Part 1: Being Honest with God

    1. Strong Faith Struggles

    2. Jesus Wept and Wrestled

    3. Learning to Lament

    4. Groaning without Grumbling

    5. Sorrowful Yet Rejoicing

    Part 2: Being Honest with Each Other

    6. Weep Together

    7. Let Others In

    8. Bear Their Burdens

    Conclusion: Hurting with Hope

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Contributors Clint Watkins
ISBN 9781784988951
Format Paperback
First published January 2024
Dimensions 5.1" x 7.8" x 0.3"
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher The Good Book Company

Craig Allen Cooper

USA Today Best-Selling Author, Glad You’re Here (with Walker Hayes); Author, Overflowing Mercies

"The compassion and empathy of Jesus may surprise you, and it will undoubtedly comfort you. For those of us who have experienced deep heartache, and for any who have walked with friends through unimaginable grief, the gems in this book are more precious than gold. Here is wisdom for our sorrows and solace for our pains. Very few people get through this life unscathed by suffering, and Just Be Honest helps us grasp that reality that Jesus is ‘hospitable to heartache’ and that ‘hurting people need to be heard.’ Absorbing and applying these truths can save your faith and help you brave the brokenness of life with those you love. Whether you are amid sorrow currently, preparing for sorrow eventually, or walking with others through their sorrows sympathetically, this book will prove to be a masterful guide!”

Adriel Booker

Author, 'Grace Like Scarlett' and 'Tethered to Hope'

"With pastoral tenderness and wisdom, Clint Watkins shares how the practice of honest lament was the grace he needed to draw near to God in a time of acute pain and heartache. Watkins compels us to make space in our personal lives and faith communities for worship practices that engage the whole spectrum of human longing and need. In an age when we’re rewarded for putting our best selves forward, Just Be Honest is not a blueprint for a better way but an invitation to enter one."

Peter Krol

President, DiscipleMakers campus ministry

“Why do I presume that faith means pretending that the Christian life is always cheery and fulfilling? Through his careful unfolding of the biblical witness on lament and complaint, Watkins extended to me the Lord’s permission both to grieve and grieve like a Christian. I suspect he’ll do the same for you."

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Just Be Honest | Clint Watkins |
$14.99 $12.74