Original Jesus ebook

What he really did and why it really matters

A funny, faithful introduction to Jesus, comparing him to other popular versions of "Jesus". Perfect for giving away.

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“This is a book worth anyone’s time. I loved reading it, and I'd love my friends to read it.”
Rico Tice
Founder Christianity Explored Ministries
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Good teacher… or intolerant judge… or children's story… Who is Jesus?

This is a book about Original Jesus—the one who actually lived in human history. The one who often gets hidden behind all the other versions of Jesus we're offered. The Jesus who is controversial, compassionate, sometimes uncomfortable, often unpredictable… and completely real.

This short, lively book explains how Original Jesus really matters to people today—how his life can transform peoples hopes and futures.

Short, funny, friendly and easy-to-read, Original Jesus looks at seven episodes in Jesus' life from the Gospel of Luke, and explains the central gospel message. Perfect for giving away to unbelieving family and friends, whatever their view of Jesus, and for handing out at church outreach events.

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  • Introduction
  • 1. Good teacher
  • 2. Distant God
  • 3. Freedom fighter
  • 4. Intolerant judge
  • 5. Religious rule-keeper
  • 6. Tragic failure
  • 7. Children's story
  • What next?
  • Yes, but... isn't it all made up?
  • Yes, but... can we really believe in miracles?
  • Yes, but... surely Jesus didn't really rise?

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Contributors Carl Laferton
ISBN 9781909559127
Format eBook
Language English
Pages 64
Publisher The Good Book Company
Independent reviews

Original Jesus

Stephen Witmer, The Gospel Coalition, February 24th 2014

There is much to commend. Perhaps the most helpful feature of Original Jesus is that it focuses on the glory and worth of Jesus. Gospel tracts often focus on the mechanics of how to trust in Jesus (including which words to pray), but they don’t usually focus sustained attention on the beauty of Jesus. They’re usually too short to do so in any substantial way. Consequently, becoming a Christian can seem mainly to be about escaping from hell and gaining access to heaven, rather than entering into a relationship with a Savior and King. By focusing on Jesus, Original Jesus makes clear that becoming a Christian has everything to do with entering into a personal relationship with Christ. In that vein, it would be helpful to have an additional, concluding chapter on how we relate to the original Jesus once we’re saved; what it means to obey him and live for his glory, to fit into his grand story rather than trying to squeeze him down into all our small ones.... continue reading

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