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Say the Right Thing ebook

How Your Words Can Glorify God and Encourage Others

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How the gospel can help you speak in a positive, constructive way.

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Words are powerful. They sink deep into our minds and our spirits. They can build others up or put others down. Many of us want to “say the right thing” and make a difference to others with our words, but we don't know how to. Others of us struggle to control our speech and want help to be more godly in this area of our lives.

This positive, constructive book delves into the Bible to show us how to overcome specific temptations, such as gossip or angry words. But it also goes much further. It shows us how we can use our speech to bring beauty, hope, truth, and comfort into the lives of those around us—and to give glory to God.

Full of gracious words and practical help, this book will help readers to find out how to let the gospel shape their speech and enjoy the blessings that flow from this.

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  • 1. How to Avoid That Sinking Feeling: Speaking Wisdom
    2. Build the Body: Speaking Truth
    3. A Cello in the Dark: Speaking Beauty
    4. From the Father of Compassion: Speaking Comfort
    5. Somebody’s Daughter: Speaking Kindness
    6. A Place in the Kingdom: Speaking Hope
    7. Echoes of Jesus: Speaking Praise


Contributors Carolyn Lacey
ISBN 9781784988883
Format eBook
First published April 2023
Case quantity 50
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

Jen Oshman

Author, Enough About Me

Carolyn Lacey prioritizes the goodness we see in God’s word and in God himself, and then she helps us to ponder how our own words might reflect that goodness in all kinds of situations. If you struggle with what to say or how to say it, this book will strengthen you!

Paul Mallard

Pastor, Widcombe Baptist Church, Bath

In this inspiring book, Carolyn Lacey helps us to appreciate just how important words are—helping us to see how our words can become channels of blessing into the lives of others. It is not just a matter of avoiding toxic words.

Helen Thorne

Director of Training and Resources at Biblical Counselling UK

Rooted in Scripture and grounded in real life, this is an accessible, engaging resource, packed full of wisdom.

Customer reviews


“Learning to Say the Right Thing”

(Review written for 'Say the Right Thing')

{First posted here:}

I don't always say the right thing.

I wish I did... but I don't.

You're getting ready for bed, the events of the day flow through your mind and those misspoken words jump out at you, gripping your heart into a panic. You shout at yourself, "Why did I say that?!" Frustration and anxiety creep in.

In Say the Right Thing: How Your Words Can Glorify God and Encourage Others, Carolyn Lacey explores a hopeful vision for our speech and an active plan to keep our tongue on the path to glorifying God and speaking for the good of others. We're led into a picture where the landscape reveals words spoken with wisdom, truth, beauty, kindness, comfort and hope.

Doesn't it look peaceful?

Perhaps it even seems unattainable.

Yet, we can take heart, because the power to bring fruitfulness to our words comes from the Lord. He continues to renew us and transform us into His likeness every day as we abide in Him. Though perfection will come one glorious day, we take steps forward one at a time.

Looking back, it's easy to see how my poorly chosen words were let loose in moments of carelessness or self-importance. Looking ahead, I'm invited to both see and hear others intentionally.

(My counselling training has, by God's grace, helped me a lot with this too)

This is a very helpful resource if you're looking for a topical study on the words we speak. If it's something you're struggling with, or want to grow in, I'd recommend it! There's reflection questions at the end of each chapter, which make it good to use with small groups or for your own study.

*A big thanks to the Good Book Company for the complimentary copy of this book and for the opportunity to post an honest review.


“Really helpful”

(Review written for 'Say the Right Thing')

I found this book really easy to read, very sharp and very challenging. Chapter highlights for me were ch 5 'Speaking kindness' and ch 6 'Speaking hope'. This would make a really good book club book as there's lots to chat over and pray about and to help one another with (& questions at the end of each chapter!).


“Clear, engaging and deserving of thought and prayer.”

(Review written for 'Say the Right Thing')

Carolyn Lacey’s book can be read in hours; it is clear, engaging and Jesus-centred, but generously sprinkled with real-life examples. But it needs and deserves to be read thoughtfully and prayerfully over weeks, for there is much challenging material which would make for a stimulating small group course. The book is well structured, with key bible passages forming the focus of each chapter. There are pauses for thought and prayer and useful questions for reflection. One small quibble: references to other writers and speakers could have been fully cited at the end.

The speed with which my offer of this book to church members was taken up, shows that this is an area of Christian witness where so many of us feel diffident and insecure: sowing Christian seeds into our everyday conversations. Greater distinction, therefore, at certain points would have been welcome in defining the audience of our speaking: to believers or the yet-to-believe. Some have questioned whether they could imagine themselves saying some of Lacey’s suggested lines of conversation, but her words certainly set the reader in the right direction.

I liked Lacey’s positive approach: right speech is more about choosing to be wise, truthful, kind or comforting, etc. and less about the avoidance of lying, swearing or gossiping, for example. This book will make us all pause to think more before we speak so that our conversation may “be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that we may know how to answer everyone.” (Col.4:6). I have no hesitation in recommending this really useful resource.


“Short, excellent, encouraging read. Everyone should read this book.”

(Review written for 'Say the Right Thing')

We all know that words can build up or tear down, but in “Say the Right Thing”, Carolyn Lacey takes it beyond what’s considered pleasant or kind and points us to what the Bible says about our words. Throughout its pages, this book time and again reminds us that we can glorify God and encourage others with our words. It involves things like speaking the truth without judgment, sharing the hope of the gospel despite sin and circumstances, and getting to the heart of the matter with a focus on eternity. This isn’t always easy, nor is it the popular or culture-encouraged way, but it’s the Biblical way; and for Christians, it should be the only way.

I have a couple of favorite quotes from each of the sections, but my favorite from the entire book is probably found on page 11: “Saying the right thing is not about being nice or polite: sometimes it means speaking the truth when people don’t want to hear it, or calling out wrong thinking and behavior…. It’s about letting our speech be shaped by God’s word rather than the world. And it’s about looking to bring glory to him in every conversation and interaction.”

And this one from pages 57-58: “But Jesus remind them of the truer, better story they are part of. He lifts their gaze from earthly concerns and reorients their hearts towards eternal treasure. And this is what our words can do, too. In every conversation, we have an opportunity to remind each other of the beauty of the gospel. To encourage one another to look beyond what is in view to what is eternal. And to reorient ourselves to the one who is most excellent and worth of all praise.”

“Say the Right Thing” might be a small book, but it packs a mighty punch with gospel-centered truths about our speech. Encouraging, convicting, and refining. Would definitely recommend for everyone to read. We can all use the reminder to use our speech to glory God and encourage others. There’s always room for improvement.



(Review written for 'Say the Right Thing')

As someone who often says the *wrong* thing, this book has been one of my favorite Good Book Company releases of 2023. It's brief, encouraging, helpful, practical, and honestly reassuring to read. I'm so thankful for it! If you have ever said the wrong thing, you need this book.


“So helpful!”

(Review written for 'Say the Right Thing')

Carolyn Lacey has written so helpfully and clearly on a topic that can seem pretty daunting - how we use our words. Sometimes it’s easy to think that being Godly with our speech is about not saying very much at all, but ‘Say the right thing’ challenges and encourages us to see that we can and should use our words to the glory of God, and this book gives us the tools to help. It’s also packed full of scripture and helpful application, I definitely recommend giving it a read!


“Biblical and practical help for using our words well”

(Review written for 'Say the Right Thing')

I loved 'Say the Right Thing'! Each chapter is Biblical and points to Christ, the one who always said the right thing. It was challenging to think through the way I use words to bring comfort, kindness and hope, but also how I could expand the way I use words to praise others and speak words of beauty. Carolyn Lacey is honest and realistic in her writing so that when I'd finished the book I felt there was hope for me to grow more like the Lord Jesus in how I speak. I pray that 'Say the Right Thing' will have a lasting impact in shaping the way I speak as the Holy Spirit works in me.


“Quick & Encouraging”

(Review written for 'Say the Right Thing')

This quick, encouraging read is a good reminder and a focus on our words! What is the most right thing to say? He is worthy!! But so many practical tips with Biblical Truth and personal stories! I was convicted in the words I use in my mothering and encouraged to not just try to "say the right thing" but keep my eyes on Christ and have Him change my heart. And to also always have an answer for the hope I have!


“A Positive Case for Using Our Speech Well”

(Review written for 'Say the Right Thing')

Having read a number of Christian books about this sort of theme in the past, the standard way to deal with our speech has seemed to be a strong warning to be careful with your words, listing all of the bad ways we can use our speech and telling us to be very careful to avoid those. Lacey takes a very different, much more positive approach, showing us how our words don't only have the power to harm, which we must avoid, but the power to glorify God and encourage others, building people up and pointing them towards God. It's a much more winsome way to pastor someone in the area of speech and definitely worth a read


“The Way God Uses Words”

(Review written for 'Say the Right Thing')

Can we really tame our tongue? In Say the Right Thing, Carolyn Lacey shares how your words can glorify God and encourage others.

Biblical Wisdom and Strategies for Speaking

This short book is full of biblical wisdom and strategies to help us with what we say. Lacey means to show us that our words matter, and our speech should be fashioned by our faith.

I was most interested to see how we can instill beauty in our words when we are surrounded by a sinful and suffering world. Lacey calls us to look beyond this world, and to focus our gaze on Christ. We will find God’s beauty “chasing” us (Psalm 23:6) and we can use our words to point others to him.

The Way God Uses Words

Using Isaiah 40, Lacey shares that we can speak comfort into suffering by focusing on God’s character - not our own experiences. I was most challenged to see that we may be tempted to be irritable or impatient with certain people - and that we should pay special attention to our words with them. Speaking to them as kin can help us be more kind and compassionate.

The book closes with challenges to share the gospel with others and to praise God in your everyday life. After reading this book, I am amazed at the way God uses words in our lives. I feel sharpened in my ability to speak, and softened in my heart to better share the words of Christ.

I received a media copy of Say the Right Thing and this is my honest review.

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