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Beautifully Distinct (ebook)

Beautifully Distinct ebook

Conversations with Friends on Faith, Life, and Culture

from 3 reviews

Inspires women to engage with life and culture in a God-honoring way.

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How should we listen to, and think in a gospel way about, the ordinary things we come across in modern life? Things we watch, read, eat, and do. There are so many voices saying so many different things that the temptations are to either disengage completely, or find ourselves being influenced more and more by the world.

In this book, godly Christian women talk about a range of areas of life and culture. They help us to be thoughtful about films, books, and the media; set out biblical principles for approaching topics such as body image and racism; and encourage us to shape the world around us for Christ—becoming beautifully distinct.

Contributors include Kelly Needham, Jen Wilkin, Erin Davis, Courtney Reissig, Jackie Hill Perry, Dannah Gresh, Jenny Yang, Chelsea Sobolik and Karen Swallow Prior.

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  • Chapters Include:
    Food (Kelly Needham)
    Beauty (Jen Wilkin)
    Social media (Erin Davis)
    Home (Courtney Reissig)
    Stories (Jackie Hill Perry)
    Body (Dannah Gresh)
    Immigration (Jenny Yang)
    Work (Chelsea Sobolik)
    Literature (Karen Swallow Prior)


Contributors Trillia J. Newbell
ISBN 9781784985264
Format eBook
First published June 2020
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

Ruth Chou Simons

Artist and author of GraceLaced; founder of

If it’s true that what we chase shapes our race, then how we see the world around us really matters. Beautifully Distinct is a much-needed resource that directs the way we engage with culture as women of God, and I’m grateful to these sisters for lending their wisdom—for such a time as this.

Donna Gaines

Editor, A Daily Women's Devotional; Founder and President, ARISE2Read

For the busy woman who wants to engage and live a life of biblical significance but feels unprepared, this book is for you! Trillia Newbell has done a wonderful job of recruiting women who can help us evaluate culture and articulate biblical truth as we learn to think, listen and speak to a world that in many ways has lost its mooring. Anchored in Scripture, this book will be a tool you will reference often. No more retreating: it is time for us to engage and be beautifully distinct!

Amy Whitfield

SBC Executive Committee; Associate Vice President, Convention Communications

The women who have written in this book know what it means to be in this world but not of it. Through their thoughtful reflections, they demonstrate how our salvation changes not just us, but also the way we relate to the culture around us. These are women I respect and feel privileged to learn from.

Independent reviews

"I learned so much"

Aaron Lee, Musicgoon, June 1, 2020

What does it mean to live in this world with Biblical wisdom and confidence? In Beautifully Distinct, edited by Trillia Newbell, you can join the conversation on faith, life, and culture.... continue reading


"There is much to learn from the insights of these ‘beautifully distinct’ women"

Jesvin Jose, Bookish!, May 17, 2020

There are many other challenging chapters in the book, especially the ones on race and social media. There is much to learn from the insights of these ‘beautifully distinct’ women. I was left encouraged and challenged. I agree with Trillia Newbell’s introductory note, “Every chapter is insightful, Biblical and practical.” I would recommend this book, not just to women, but also to all men. 5/5 stars.... continue reading


"The chapters are exciting and give a lot of food for thought"

Kim Lotz

“How can I, as a completely normal woman, have any influence on my culture? This is something for theologians, pastors or highly gifted power women who have a special position in society. I'm only ____ (mother, employee, pensioner - please insert what suits you). “Have you ever asked yourself this question? Would you like to talk to others about your faith in Jesus Christ, but can't find an entry point - you just don't know how and where to start? Then this book is just the thing for you... continue reading

Customer reviews

July 8, 2020

“Made me wriggle a bit- but a good heart reflection is worth the discomfort”

(Review written for 'Beautifully Distinct')

Rarely do I give a five star rating, and this book has earned it through the great discomfort and response of my own heart, soul, and mind. It took me longer to read than most books of it's length, as I found myself having to reflect after a chapter, maybe two before I could move on. Now that I'm finished, as I ponder the 11 themes covered (side note: by different women to show other women what a beautifully distinct believer might think, read, wonder, pursue, and focus on as she seeks to bring glory to God) this book makes me wriggle in my seat. It produces just a bit of discomfort as each chapter examines an area of life, faith, and culture, and even more as the book is split into three parts: being thoughtful, listening well, and speaking well. Yep, wriggle-- wriggle is a little different than wiggle. Wriggle is more of a 3-d response or discomfort, while wiggling is just back and forth.

I do recommend this book, wriggling in my thinking and choosing, is an appropriate place to be as I contemplate hospitality to believers, to believers with different theology, to non-believers in my home (really in my life). As I contemplate my job as a believer to be wise biblically led advocate for all races of people by God's design, and Jesus modeling. As I think about what story I share to other believers and non-believers alike- does my heart that shows in my thoughts, words, and deeds show the godly woman living with the Holy Spirit leading me? or does my story show more of me and less of my love and awe for God?

It's a hard read, if you think and reflect your way through the book. But now I have 11 wider and godly perspectives to discuss with my girlfriends, my new acquaintances, and my own children.

Blessed to be a partner of thegoodbook company.

June 9, 2020

“A book every woman should read”

(Review written for 'Beautifully Distinct')

Every part of this book (Being Thoughtful, Listening Well, and Speaking Well) spoke to me, challenging me to be a better person in Christ. To strive, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to be beautifully distinct. Each contributing author shared words of wisdom in a way that resonated with my spirit. A wonderful book that I will definitely read again and again, and will not hesitate to recommend to others.

May 23, 2020

“By women, for women, helping us live for Christ in the world”

(Review written for 'Beautifully Distinct')

This is a great book about engaging with culture, written by a diverse group of formidable women. It covers a wide range of topics which are all relevant to us today. I love the collaboration, as women share their expertise with the reader to help us to shine like stars in the sky. Some chapters speak specifically into American culture, but even these I found challenging and important. It would be an excellent book to read with a friend or as part of a book group. We need to bring our whole lives under the Lordship of Christ, and this book seeks to help us to do so.

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