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A New Year's Devotion on Love from Explore Bible Reading Notes

Alexa Burstow | Jan. 2, 2024

Many of us resolve to get the new year off to a good start with Bible reading. But if you haven’t got going yet, don’t worry. Here’s today’s devotion from our Explore Bible-reading notes. If you enjoy it, order yourself a copy of the whole three-month issue to keep going. Alternatively, you could get an annual subscription and your devotions will arrive quarterly, so you’ll be organized for the whole year!... continue reading

The Bible Story of Noah For Little Kids

Carl Laferton | Sept. 5, 2023

A sample from God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook, which includes 92 foundational Bible stories, faithfully told and beautifully illustrated. The stories point to the one big story of the Bible—God making and keeping his promises.... continue reading

Engage 365: Learning How to Handle, Question and Explore God's Word

Alison Mitchell | July 11, 2023

One of the main ambitions of Engage 365 is to encourage you to dive into God’s word. Here’s a quick walkthrough of how you can use this resource to help you to handle, question and explore the Bible.... continue reading


Encouraging Young People to Read the Bible Series

Practical Tips Bible Study

Easter Hope from the Gospel of Luke

Mike McKinley | March 23, 2023

Luke’s account of the actual resurrection is remarkably spare given its significance in the gospel message; he simply reports the words of the angels: “He is not here; he has risen!” (Luke 24:6). ... continue reading

Your Church Culture Matters

Barnabas Piper | Jan. 19, 2023

There was a time not so many years ago when I was weary and jaded toward church, but even then, I could have given you a lengthy checklist of what a healthy church should look like.... continue reading

Singing on Sunday Means More Than You Think

Tony Merida | Jan. 18, 2023

One morning during corporate worship, I leaned toward one of the little girls in our church, Summer, who was trying to read the lyrics and sing along, and asked her, “Do you like church?” She replied, “Not really, but I like the singing.” I appreciated her honesty! ... continue reading

Lessons about Hospitality from the Early Church

Jen Oshman | Jan. 17, 2023

2,000 years after the church began, in the increasingly post-Christian West, it’s tempting to wonder if secular voices are right when they claim that Christian churches are passé, on the wrong side of history, or even downright damaging.... continue reading

Small Group Bible Study Leader, We’ve Got You Covered

Avery Powers | Jan. 13, 2023

If you lead or are a member of a Bible study group, you'll be familiar with some common difficulties. How do you explain difficult words and concepts? How do you lead a group towards the same objective? What are the best questions to ask? And crucially, how do you arrive at suitable applications from the passage for yourselves in good time to really think through what God's word is calling you to? ... continue reading

Finding Happiness

Alistair Begg | Jan. 10, 2023

Genuine happiness is to be found in following the pathway of obedience.

This is not the way the world sees it. In 21st-century Western culture, personal happiness and obedience to an authority are held to be mutually incompatible. But the Bible is clear: it is by obeying that we find ourselves “blessed.”... continue reading

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