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When a Story Stops at Death

Melissa Zaldivar | September 29th 2022

Every part of our stories is something caught between poetry and passing comments. One moment, the sun is rising and the birds are welcoming a new day as the breeze floats across the marshes. The next, you drop the almost-ready avocado you found at the grocery store and lament that it’s probably ruined. (Spoiler alert: you just paid almost two dollars for a ruined avocado.)... continue reading

Joy In Suffering

Katie Faris | June 2nd 2022

When you think about it, joy in suffering makes no sense apart from God’s grace, yet this is the testimony of believers throughout church history. Take, for example, the Christians to whom the apostle Peter sent his first epistle. He addressed them as “elect exiles of the dispersion” (1 Peter 1:1).... continue reading

What Do I Do When I'm Perplexed?

Katie Faris | May 30th 2022

We could spend all our limited time and energy chasing answers to our questions. It's certainly tempting to think that if we only caught them, we'd be satisfied. But what if God intended our questions to drive us to him—the satisfier of our souls—instead?... continue reading

Help for Men Facing Miscarriage

Paul David Tripp | May 19th 2022

There will be a day when every child of God will be invited to the one funeral that we will all want to attend: we will be invited to the funeral of death.

Yes, it really is true—death will die and eternally be no more. Along with it will die all the grief, pain, fear, sadness, suffering, and loss that death always drags with it. The completely righteous life of Jesus, the acceptable sacrifice of Jesus, and the victorious resurrection of Jesus, all accomplished on our behalf, guarantee that the enemy of everyone living—death—will finally and forever die.... continue reading

While You’re Waiting For Things To Be Made Right

Wendy Alsup | February 1st 2022

Joseph named his second son “Ephraim,” which sounds like the Hebrew word for “fruitful.” He gives his reason for choosing this name in Genesis 41:52: "God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction." My first reaction to this name was negative. I didn’t want to be fruitful in the land of my affliction. I wanted my affliction to end. ... continue reading

Bible Verses For When You Feel Isolated During The Holidays

Avery Powers | December 2nd 2021

Few situations are more frustrating than an argument with that family member during Christmas dinner. However, not everyone is in the position to have family tussles over turkey. You may have a strained relationship with certain family members because of ongoing conflict. There may be injustice and abuse, or simply absence. ... continue reading

The Secret of Paul’s Contentment

Jennie Pollock | November 5th 2020

This is the real key to the secret. Christ was the most important thing in Paul’s universe. Whatever his personal achievements or failures, his triumphs or his challenges, they were like garbage to him (which is a polite English translation of the original word, which meant something more like sewage!). Paul wanted to pursue Christ.... continue reading

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