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Seven Things Every Christian Man Should Know about Periods

Rachel Jones | May 11th 2021

Ok, so maybe with a headline like that we need to back up and ask: Why does a Christian man need to know anything about periods? Well, like it or not, they’re coming for you. There’s a growing number of voices in our culture seeking to bust the taboos and bring periods into the mainstream. But there’s another, more compelling reason Christian men should know something about periods: your sisters in Christ have them.... continue reading

Idolatry Comes Before Immorality

Alistair Begg | May 6th 2021

Idolatry—in your life and more broadly in society—precedes immorality. If we would understand why immorality is tolerated or even promoted, we need to look behind the behavior to the worship—to the idol. Of course, the idols change; few people in the West bow down to golden images today. But the idols have no less a hold, and our reasons for bowing to them are no different—they look impressive, our peers are worshiping them, and our society threatens us with penalties if we do not join in.... continue reading

How Do We Know Where to Draw The Line?

Alistair Begg | May 4th 2021

Refusing to eat the special diet assigned to them seems a strange place for Daniel and his fellow young Jewish exiles to draw a line. But in the Old Testament, one of the distinguishing features of God’s people was the rules they followed about what they would and would not eat and drink. Dietary choice for God’s people was not just an external manifestation of nothing much; rather, it was an external outworking of their deeply held convictions about what it meant to belong to God.... continue reading

3 great reasons to be back in church

Sam Allberry | April 27th 2021

Over the past year, we’ve become very accustomed to online church. Church on a screen hasn’t been ideal, but here’s the thing: at least there’s still been weekly ministry for me to receive. For all its drawbacks and limitations, I’ve been taught, fed, encouraged, and inspired by the ministry of my church during Covid. However frustrating this season has been on so many fronts, I can’t imagine how much worse it would have been without having at least this ministry available.... continue reading

Hospitality Wasn’t Meant to be Comfortable

Carolyn Lacey | April 15th 2021

In Luke 10, an expert in Jewish law asks Jesus how he can gain eternal life. It sounds like a good question, but the lawyer is testing Jesus. He knows he should love God with all his heart, soul, mind and strength, and love his neighbour as himself—the problem is he doesn’t. So, to justify his lack of love, he asks, Who is my neighbour? Who is it I’m called to love as myself?... continue reading

Hospitality doesn’t need to break the bank—or your back!

Carolyn Lacey | April 13th 2021

The Bible calls all followers of Jesus to “practise hospitality”—and to do it “without grumbling” (Romans 12 v 13; 1 Peter 4 v 9). But it doesn’t link hospitality with expense, exhaustion—or even an extroverted personality. Rather, it reveals a God who overflows with generous, compassionate welcome to undeserving people. It invites us to accept his welcome—and then share it with others.... continue reading

Stress: Taking Every Thought Captive

Helen Thorne | April 6th 2021

Many of our circumstances hurt and cause us significant stress. It’s right that we lament. It’s good and proper that we take our burdens and our pain to the Lord and, like David in Psalm 86, tell him how weak we are feeling and how much we need his help. The Christian is not called to stoicism. We don’t need to pretend we’re OK.... continue reading

Good Zook Guides: NEW Bible studies especially for Zoom

Rachel Jones | April 1st 2021

The Good Book Company exists to resource the church with timely books and resources that meet the needs of the moment with God’s timeless word. That’s why, with many small groups continuing to meet on Zoom for the foreseeable future due to Covid restrictions—and with others planning to embrace the platform long-term—we’re pleased to announce the launch of a selection of revised editions of our popular Good Book Guides, with special extra features to make them perfect for zoom.... continue reading

Should We Look up to Christian "Heroes"?

Bethany McIlrath | March 30th 2021

When you compare Old Testament figures like Sampson or David to Jesus, it’s hard to justify using the same terminology. No human being in the Bible compares to Christ. No Christian who has lived since does either. So is it right to look up to “heroes” discussed in the Bible? Is it helpful? And what about believers who lived long after the canon of Scripture was complete? Or those who live today? Is it right to have Christian heroes at all?... continue reading

One Year Later: 16 Short Stories of God Working Things for Good Since The Pandemic Began

Bethany McIlrath | March 18th 2021

Throughout the past year, shaped largely by the COVID-19 pandemic, our experiences have been unique by region- and by person, season of life, etc. None of us would say that the pandemic is a good thing, but we can all say that God is working it for our good and his glory, according to his purposes (Romans 8:28.) Here are 16 mini-stories sharing examples of God's faithfulness through this time. ... continue reading

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