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I’m Dreaming of a Thankful Christmas

Ed Drew | November 23rd 2021

Every family does Christmas differently. My wife’s family would open their presents at the kitchen table, each opening one gift at a time with a few words of surprise and comment from others. I found it a bit intense (and the moment her mom held up her new knickers will live with me forever). We grew up with all of us opening our presents at the same time. It worked for us. Until the wrapping-paper blizzard. In that moment, it felt like my family were ripping through each present without gratitude or any sense that someone had generously given it to them.... continue reading

Recommended Reads for Thanksgiving

Bethany McIlrath | November 4th 2021

Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season. With all the bustle and busyness, many of us ironically find it harder to be joyful and content during this season of giving thanks, social gatherings, and celebrating our Savior.... continue reading

Seeing Devotional Time as Essential

Alistair Begg | November 2nd 2021

God’s word is a glorious gift.

Our Father has given it to us in order that we might know His Son and that we might live in the power of His Spirit, in obedience to His truth.... continue reading


Encouraging Young People to Read the Bible Series

Quiet Times Series

Christian Living Bible Reflections

Talking about Jesus in a way that connects with modern culture

Timothy Keller | October 12th 2021

In the present book, Dan briefly recaps the “subversive fulfillment” method, but his burden here is to show how this approach plays out specifically in five areas of human longing and need. Using the work of J.H. Bavinck, he argues that there are five fundamental things for which all human beings are searching and to which all of us are inevitably drawn “magnetically”.... continue reading

4 ways to use Rebecca McLaughlin’s new Christmas evangelistic book

Joe Henegan | September 21st 2021

Whether you love or loathe the chaotic run up to the big day, here are four ways you can use Rebecca’s book to show your unbelieving friends and family the life-changing truth of Jesus Christ this Christmas. ... continue reading

Reigniting our churches

Sam Allberry | September 2nd 2021

Many, if not most, of my friends are at churches regarded as being among the best in the country for Bible teaching. But the repeated feedback I keep hearing from so many is that things feel dry. Sermons are warm but predictable. The text is handled faithfully, but there’s often a lack of connection with real life.... continue reading

Theology on Fire

Adam Ramsey | August 31st 2021

I want truth on fire. And that is exactly what God wants for me, and for you, as well. After all, didn’t Jesus say that the most important command in the whole universe was that we cultivate a love for God that includes all our heart and all our mind (Mark 12:28-30)?... continue reading

Should Christians Value Self-Esteem?

Matt Fuller | July 27th 2021

In rejecting God, many in the modern West have turned to an alternative “gospel”—by that, I mean a truth which people look to for happiness: a big philosophy to live by. One of the biggest “gospels” our culture sells us is the gospel of self-esteem: “Look within to find out who you are: what you find is wonderful”.... continue reading

Is Grace a License to Sin? (Lessons from the Life of Bonhoeffer)

Michael Jensen | July 20th 2021

A powerful answer to this question can be found in the writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was martyred for his faith. He begins his book, The Cost of Discipleship, with a chapter entitled “Costly Grace”. Costly grace is to be understood in part by contrasting it with what he called “cheap grace”. But what can this mean, since God’s grace is supposed to be free?... continue reading

Unchanging Truths from God's Word

Michael Page | July 15th 2021

The Bible encourages and reminds God’s people about who he is and why we can trust him. It helps us to have confidence when we are feeling uncertain about our circumstances or anxious about the future.

As we celebrate 30 years of opening up the Bible, we asked some of our staff to share an unchanging truth from God's word that is particularly precious to them, which they come back to again and again for encouragement.... continue reading