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Our Prayers Reflect Our Relationships

Alistair Begg | October 3rd 2022

Paul and the Philippian believers enjoyed a partnership grounded in the gospel. Theirs wasn’t a static fellowship based on a little bit of common belief. Rather, it was a deepening friendship that blossomed as they continued “striving side by side for the faith of the gospel” and to “work out” their salvation “with fear and trembling” (Philippians 1:27; 2:12).... continue reading

How to Care for Those Who Mourn

Melissa Zaldivar | October 3rd 2022

When we’re facing the overwhelming nature of grief, we don’t need someone to show up and try to solve all our problems. (In fact, doing that takes the place of God if we’re not careful.) In our questioning, we need companionship more than answers at times. And I have found that comfort is found when we love one another intentionally and in a way that doesn’t complicate things.... continue reading

When a Story Stops at Death

Melissa Zaldivar | September 29th 2022

Every part of our stories is something caught between poetry and passing comments. One moment, the sun is rising and the birds are welcoming a new day as the breeze floats across the marshes. The next, you drop the almost-ready avocado you found at the grocery store and lament that it’s probably ruined. (Spoiler alert: you just paid almost two dollars for a ruined avocado.)... continue reading

Wherever They Go, Whatever They Do, You Pray Your Kids Will Love Jesus

Bethany McIlrath | September 22nd 2022

Kids love to dream about what they might do when they grow up. They dream of what jobs they might have, of places they might go to, of people they might meet. ... continue reading

Puritan Prayers Resonate Today

Tim Chester | September 20th 2022

The Puritans were people of prayer. Many Puritan pastors rose early to pray, like Joseph Alleine who spent the time between 4am and 8am in personal worship, and felt ashamed if he heard the blacksmith at work before he was at prayer. Each year Isaac Ambrose took himself off into the woods for a month to spend uninterrupted time alone in prayer and meditation. Puritan families were encouraged to read the Scriptures and pray together each morning and evening, with pastors providing model prayers for those who were unsure where to begin.... continue reading

Working Hard or Hardly Working—Spiritual Habits and the Pitfalls of Legalism

Sophie Killingley | September 15th 2022

Do you want to cultivate good spiritual habits but avoid soul-crushing guilt and shame when it all comes crashing down five days into your new plan?

Me too! 

Before I hit you with the hard sell of “Please buy my new creative spiritual journal—it will help, honestly”, let’s talk about spiritual habits and legalism.... continue reading

5 Ways to Use Our New Creative Spiritual Journal

Sophie Killingley | September 13th 2022

Dear reader,

I am a compulsive doodler. Whether it’s a notepad to scrawl on when I’m on the phone or the drawings and notes I make during my husband’s weekly sermon, I can always be found with pens and bits of paper trailing in my wake.... continue reading

Thank You, Your Majesty

Carl Laferton | September 9th 2022

As a constitutional monarch, the nature of Queen Elizabeth II’s role dictated she not offer opinions. No one knew which political party she supported, or which was her favourite of the 15 prime ministers who served during her reign, or whether she was pro-Brexit or pro-Remain. So it’s significant that in her 70-year reign, Her Majesty only wrote one foreword. The book was published by the Bible Society for her 90th birthday celebrations in 2016, and it was titled The Servant Queen and the King She Serves.... continue reading

Small Dreams, Big Rewards

Seth Lewis | September 8th 2022

The kingdom of heaven is not a kingdom of sour self-sacrifice, long-faced long-suffering, or dour duty. The kingdom of heaven is a kingdom where people do backwards things, things like giving up everything they have, and they do it out of pure, overflowing, unstoppable joy (Matthew 13:44)! Why? Because everything you have is nothing compared to the untold riches of heaven. Because giving everything in service to God and the bigger story he is writing is no loss if you’re already secure in your identity.... continue reading

Climbing Down to Glory

Seth Lewis | September 6th 2022

Jesus came to save small people, because that’s the only size people come in. The fact that he came to the lowest and smallest of humanity is stunning, but not as stunning as the fact that he came to humanity in the first place. The biggest step down for Jesus was leaving heaven. After that giant leap, the steps between human social classes were tiny. The best of our palaces wouldn’t be that impressive to a man who is at home on heaven’s throne. Nothing we have on our tiny speck of dust in the stars could compare to where he came from.... continue reading