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Are You Like the Unfaithful Servant?

Steve Robinson | October 5th 2023

There is such a thing as unfaithful service. What does that look like? We’re given an example in the parable of the talents in Luke 19:11-27.... continue reading

How Can I Know That I'm Saved?

Alistair Begg | September 19th 2023

Christians are those who confess Jesus to be Lord. But, not everyone who confesses Jesus to be Lord is a Christian. The crucial question, therefore, is this: does your life match your lips?... continue reading

Which Devotional Is Right for You?

Avery Powers | August 22nd 2023

Many of us struggle to balance our busy schedules with as much time in God’s Word as we’d like. Or we want to dive deeper into the text, but we’re not sure where to begin. If you’re like me, you struggle to develop Bible-reading habits without becoming legalistic about how much time you’re spending with God.... continue reading

New Releases This Fall

Bethany Davies | July 20th 2023

Looking for a new book to dig into, or a gift to encourage a friend? With fall on its way, enjoy this sneak peek at what we’re releasing over the next few months.... continue reading

Is My Suffering Just a Tool to God?

Liz Carter | June 15th 2023

Have you ever been led to feel as though your pain is just a tool to God? Perhaps others have praised the fruit of any difficult times you have experienced, but your battle-scars are left unacknowledged and untended in the light of the good they have brought about. Maybe, you think, you shouldn’t mind them as much as you do. ... continue reading

Is God a User?

Liz Carter | June 13th 2023

There’s a funny thing about Christian language. We have all these phrases that we don’t necessarily think too much about. They’ve just always been there. “God won’t give you more than you can handle” is one of them. Another is “God can use you.”... continue reading

Use Your Words Wisely

Carolyn Lacey | May 30th 2023

The first step in cultivating wise speech is by prayer. We also know that the best way of becoming wise is to saturate ourselves in God’s word. However, some practical tips can also help. What about in our moment-by-moment interactions? How can we train ourselves to say the right thing when difficult conversations take us by surprise? Or when we disagree with something a friend or co-worker says? ... continue reading

Summer Reads Recommendations

Bethany McIlrath | May 25th 2023

God can use what we're reading over the summer – not just to grow us in Him, but to point others to Him! Here are a few more recommendations for your summer reading list:... continue reading

The 50/20 Factor

John Meador | April 20th 2023

We’ve all known people who seemed to face extraordinary adversity. For many, one catastrophic event marks their life for many years. Others experience difficult circumstances in waves. Nothing seems to work out for them. They nearly always end up disappointed, and those around them are perplexed as to why it’s happening... continue reading

When God Speaks

John Meador | April 18th 2023

I believe that God still arranges encounters with us. I believe this from my own experience, but more importantly for historical reasons. The Bible is filled with examples of God encountering men and women in unusual places and revealing Himself in powerful ways. God spoke to people in history in unmistakable ways. He speaks to us in the present day through the Scriptures and His Holy Spirit. He answers prayers and meets needs. He still speaks.... continue reading

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